Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hypnotized: Trap My Body But Free My Mind

Sweater - Simons
Heels - Rex by Senso
Headscarf - From Zimbabwe

There is always a moment when the media focuses on issues of culture. It is quite common to witness the mix up between the issues of collective identity and individual identity without discernment. I've never really felt any ambivalence when I wore culturally derived clothing: that is until I decided to venture out in an assortment of head scarves.
This look was a lazy, slap it together because I missed my bus look. The weather this summer has been scorching so much so that I look forward to taking in the sharp, crisp fall air. Wearing this light knit was almost an proclamation to the sun; it needs to dissapear so my other sweater friends can join in.
Not having to worry about the state of my hair was also an added bonus. I think that my get up is usually odd enough to make one or two people in the conservative arena look twice, so staring is not that shocking: however I the question "Are you from here?" really took be aback. 
Globalization. Where? 
I suppose in this city any kind of ornamentation that slaps you in the face with I enjoy a myriad of cultural expression also welcomes questions that seem to belong in a script: on a cliche program.

Images taken by Na Eun
Edited by me

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