Thursday, 8 August 2013

You Was Born By Yourself; Certainly Be Dead Alone

Head Scarf - From Kenya
Sunglasses - Aldo (Mens)
Tights - H and M

On this particular day the only thing I had set in stone was that I must look like a berry. I'm really picky when it comes to fruits in the berry arena just ask the strawberries that are currently dying in the fridge. So my stylistic whim of the day took me aback once I saw these images.
I think that I am adventurous when it comes to how I dress, but to be frank there are certain parameters that I follow and never leave. Dressing head to toe in colours such as these is a very feminine(ish) thing for me.
I've actually been feeling pretty stagnant in what I've been wearing these days, thus the lack of posting. I feel that I've come to a stand still in what I want to express. Shopping has now become a philisophical disaster like zone in which I wonder whether or not the cost/wear of a certain item is worth the inherent monetary cost or the dwinndling sqaure footage in my closet.
Taking a step back and observing, questioning and hopefully rediscovering ones style is something that has to be done. This may be by awkward clothes era circa the already passed awkward preteen self era.
Happy Friday All
Images graciously taken by my Mom

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