Tuesday, 13 August 2013

There Is No Panic When You Do The Job, Panic Begins When You Run

Jacket - Zara
Blouse - From Thailand (kindly gifted to me by my mother)
Trousers - T by Alexander Wang
Clutch - BCBG Max Azria

I've really debated with myself about whether or not to post these images. Even though I am striving to be more honest in my posts; I am not always striving to be more open. I think that the biggest reason is that I am a blatant people person. Happy as a peach when there is energy to vibe of; if it's as mutually up and down the better! Thus the ultimate problem as you dear internet are the ultimate stranger who comes and goes in silence.
I decided to post because my friend Anna offered to take these images. A friend who braves a crowd of probably six hundred people wondering IF THEY SAW A GIRL. IN A SUIT. AT HER OWN GRADUATION deserves recognition.
I lost my camera charger right around this time and had NOTHING (except for images taken by family) to use. Luckily my dad found my charger a short while after.
I'd told myself I would take proper pictures (to show you my shoes), but never got to it because a) ruining my weave once was more than enough for me. b) exams came swiftly after to smack me in the face and brain.
Now that I'm done sounding like the biggest oxymoron ever I want to talk about why I chose to wear a suit.
First I picked the least traditional rendition of a suit because I did not want to look like I'd borrowed from the boys. More than that the idea struck me a year before and stayed stuck with me. I happened upon these trousers by luck! That is all that I can say. With the borrowed from the guys look becoming ever more popular, dare I say a trend in women's wear finding the basics of a suit became more costly as time went by with jackets going all the way to this insane price. I mean it's JUST a jacket.
I will admit that a week to my grad I was contemplating whether or not to buy a back up dress. There were many questions rattling in my skull. Would I look too manly, too dressed down, too lame, too try hard or worse like I'd just come from an office. You see how this went right?
I was nervous as soon as I arrived at the hall where the night was to commence. Sure a few compliments didn't hurt, but the dubious stares from silent classmates who usually said hi made me wary.
That is until I wondered when else am I going to graduate in a suit for the first time? So I decided to try to enjoy the rest of the night. And you know what, there are a few pluses to wearing a suit to a formal event (for anyone who is contemplating such). I did not have to worry about tripping when walking even though I walked into a balloon set up but lets blame that on the fact that I wasn't wearing any glasses or contacts. 
The bathroom was easy to manouver and I was just as comfortable at 9 pm as I was at 1 am whilst burger eating with friends.
The after effect was the part I didn't expect. What gave me the most pride in sticking to my guns is when a girl in a lower grade started talking to me about my pictures. "You look better than all those sparkly b*tches" was her firm conclusion. I will and have also gotten extra mileage from these pieces after the fact; cost/wear instantly in play - economics for clothes.
If you do something out of the ordinary you might as well own it; and wear some black lipstick.

Images kindly taken by Anna
Edited by me

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