Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Backyardigans

This was a day in which I ran halfway across the world's largest mall and walked in the wrong direction for 30 minutes. This should be embarrassing to admit out loud but that's the beauty of friends, even you invisible internet friends. My feasable friends waited for me for a little over an hour before we met up and dined of overly sugarly fizzy drinks and pancakes that crumbled a bit too easily.
This is not really an official post; more the accumulation of the afternoon. I think that personally I don't spend enough time with friends and the like. Yes there are meet ups, texts and facebook chats however the "presentness" is something that quite a few of my own relationships are missing. More than anything I never want to look back on a friendship and wonder if I put enough work in.
I decided to wear this shirt because a) it is super light and summer friendly where my own mind isn't and would b) hide any of the accumulated tummy bloating. I promise you all that I'm wearing a skirt underneath. It just kept going north as the day went by and I stopped caring.
The rest of the afternoon was spent with raspberry green tea, chats about life and the like as well as Beattle listening.
I'd never listened to the Beattle's before in my life.

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