Sunday, 18 August 2013

I Knew The World Was Good At Taking

Fabric - From Zimbabwe
Heels - Rex by Senso
Clutch - BCBG Max Azria

There are many risky things that one will take in their lives. When I die I can say that making a dress out almost 6 metres of cloth was one of them. 
Even though one of my goodish pals had invited me to her party I hadn't made the time to buy a proper outfit. Which was ridiculous seeing as there was no colour code, the formal dress code seemingly manageable.
The biggest issue or disease that I suffer from is thinking that a new dress,purse,pair of shoes will make me a new me. The bare bones truth is that it won't. New anything, when materialistic won't change you; only a new you can change you. Much like recreating yourself when trying to pull an outfit from what you already have through chance and shopping, you have to work with what you've got (and probably thought was broken)
I will attest to the fact that I too felt that this endeavour  was bordering abit on the YOURDRESSWILLFALLOFF arena however it did not; until we started dancing. Then I was pulling, tying and tucking like there was no tomorrow. This is the most skin I've ever exposed at once since I was say eight? Let's not push my luck.
Apart from not having to worry about whether another female would sport a similar dress/style I felt glad to wear something from my own heritage. Growing up far from home it's hard to muster enough brave for the questioning eyes and glances. However what I've learned as I tried to keep some culture in my dressing is that most people are simply curious. Their glances mean no harm, and if they do who cares?

Images by the lovely Paulina
Edited by me

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