Sunday, 7 July 2013

We're Driving Cadillacs In Our Dreams

I feel that one of the hardest parts of 'growing up' so to speak is learning how to trust yourself. Youth when you are not legally an adult is full of parameters and people who will gently push you into what they feel is the right direction. This is not a wrong or right thing but simply what happens when others are trying to look out for you, while you're forming a you
This counts so much when it comes to beauty. Rules such as never do your eyes when you do a bold lip seem like a commandment to me, especially since the women in my family eschew makeup for their hard earned natural beauty. While I admire their efforts I will admit that I enjoy putting on something extra that isn't an accessory. The challenge comes with the fact that the drama I yearn for is not something I have found  guidance that is simple and no fuss; the struggle continues.
I had no idea what kind of look I was going to try for this project with Paulina and honestly slapped this on in 5 minutes, seeing as I arrived late. So I was very surprised when I did not look like a street walker (nod your head even if you think I look like one)
Sorry for my absence but my head has just been to the moon and back.

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