Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lookie Here: Je Ne Regrette Rien - Presque Rien*

Now that I have your attention - keep scrolling.

(Do my dark circles dissapear from this angle pose)

( I can't find my lip balm please don't dry up lips pose)

(Le crazy eyes pose)

I am not a planner. This is something that I said with complete and utter pride in my younger days. You know? The moments that were filled with jaunts to the cheapest food place because tweens don't have exceedingly excessive amounts lying in the piggy bank. Whenever we got those writing prompts I would start writing, garnering wrinkled brows from similarly word lusty pals.
I am pretty sure my friends have in moments when they shouldn't have been time questioned how it is that I keep everything running without exploding from my lack of planning.
To that amigos and amigas I have only one thing to say.
I think that is all starting to change as I get older and am faced with parties. (Oh, you thought that I was going to be deep there right?)
Not small events, but bustoutyourbestdressandbestpostureandhighheelsandalookthatwillmakepeopleswoonevents. I dread and look forward to their coming in equal amounts, being fickle with emotions like that.
Realizing that there is a party this weekend, and that I've been telling myself I'll hit the gym a for abit for a while 2 months makes me giggle. And not in a cutesy manner, in that I am on the verge of something that merits a psycho(insert appropriate ending here) visit.
Even after realizing the trickery that has gone on in my mind I am still half assing my way to workouts in a quasi attempt to convince myself that yes, toned muscle will magically sprout up from your half assed to non-existent squats. Did I mention I'm allergic to that brand of pain that comes with endorphins? What is a girl to do but hope that my dress hemline and tailoring covers all flaws? Eat some chocolate as avidly as a mathematician devours equations. 
Gosh, that made no sense at all chums, but I haven't really talked to many people this last week, playing at house wifing myself and being artistic.
Empty sketch books here I come!**
And yes, the images above; crazy eyes and half formed expressions are what I am bequithing to you dear readers. I know I'm probably supposed to follow that unwritten rule that states I should be a good lookingish being and make you all fall for my many charms and personality form coherent sentences but alas that is alot of effort and it's too hot to even think so adios for now.
Whilst I go right back to being addicted to Shini P, not that you should follow suit or anything

*Insert majestic Edith Piaf vocals here
**This will be a total improvement from that time when I used my sketchbooks to practice math, still shuddering at the thought. 
Images shot by Raafi
Mildly edited by me

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