Sunday, 21 July 2013

I'm Sorry Your Demons Were Bigger Than You

Blazer - Zara
Shirt - Army and Navy
Riding Trousers - The GAP
Boots - G-Star (Mens)
Scarf (on head) - Calvin Klein


The first thing I'd like to say is let us consider the importance of brick walls, and celebrate the fact that this usually sketchy place was empty when I gently coaxed dear Alexis into taking picture for me.

The second thing that I'd like to say dear readers is Hello! Super sorry for being gone for a while and thank you for reading all of the archives while I was gone! Such blog keeners.
Anywhoo, this is what I wore to work the other day. I am supremely lazy and as previously demonstrated feel that using the same colour from head to toe is suffecient distraction from my lack of effort or outfit thought. Think of it as Urban Jungle dressing/ Manager dress code distraction 500. Uniform colours on the body, a white jacket for structure and my beloved head scarf for a little distraction action.
We can all just pretend that my abit too short trousers are a fashion statement, and not my body sprouting up further towards the sky and clouds. 
Gosh, I feel like this whole write up is poo, I'm going to stop now before I give into the little voice in my head telling me to go on about how tired I am.  My brain is a pile of mush but I am not crazy (yet).
  Dear kiddies, if I don't ever give you any more advice; DO NOT EVER WORK 7 DAYS A WEEK. There is a reason why people take days off. I have not learned that reason and look forward to giving you beautiful  borderline exhaustion faces and poses.
Much love from my delirious brain, hope your weekend is and was fantasticly shimmery and double purposed as mine (and my outfit). 

Images Taken by Alexis
Edited by me

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