Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Cote d' Blue

Sweater - H and M (Mens)
Tights - H and M (old)
Cross Body bag - H and M (old)
Dress (worn as skirt) - Salinger Crumbs
Jacket - Bluenotes (Mens)
Scarf - From Nyanya 

After watching a movie trailer (little side note but does youtube ever vacuum you into hours of coming soon movie trailers) that was more about the critical acclaim and responses from one of those film festivals I am abit confuddled.
Perhaps I should start doing posts in that format? Although I do not think that words such as "cool colour combination" chic would garner any things other than multiple reaised eyebrows; mine included.
Not to worry, much like the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland the YouTube hole led me to this and then this, at which point I broke down and started wondering if the clip really was that funny, or if sleeping for 28 hours/ week had damaged my brain that much.
The real topic today is blogger boyfriends! Namely my non existant/ partially existent one, otherwise known as my friends. To be frank whenever I see a blogger crediting their significant other as the man/woman behind the lens the only thing that comes to mind is what kind of seduciton techniques are going on behind the scenes I am looking at you Ah-meeee . Maybe this pervyish line of thinking only occurs because I have such a hard time making taking pictures of me enticing (escpecially when there may or may not be odd stares from folks around us; or on this day almost getting hit by a car I'm looking at you driver who pops up from nowhere! Its almost as hard as me trying to entice myself to go online, read tripodish specs and go buy one whilst knowing what I am looking for.
I really appreciate my friendlies, escpecially the ones who I am not like SUPEER BBF's with, who still endure the stares and take some pretty decent snaps for me.
Thank you x100000000, not to worry, you too will soon *hopefully* be replaced by a  nonsensical piece of technology that does not entertain me or tell me where the light is and when I look like ...

Photographer not BF of the day - The lovely Paulina
Images not edited, due to the fact that everything I usually do on photoshop was done by the sun and PAULINA!
And yes dear reader/imaginary friend the internet is invisible non?, green eyeliner is always the right choice when your outfit is all blue; plus it matches my jacket.


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