Sunday, 28 July 2013

Just Call Me Coolie Long Legs

If my laptop could talk it would probably yell at me for being so slow in the grey matter. I've been trying to post this for about four days now. I don't know why but when an outfit is tied to an experience I get tongue tied and lost in things that aren't making a new blog post.

Dress - Salinger Crumbs
Clutch - BCBG Max Azria
Rings - From Korea
Shoes - Senso

Some of my friends say they envy my height, lack of proportion leg wise.
To them I say where will I find jeans that are long enough? Boys that are tall enough but more importantly appropriately short dresses and skirts?
All very shallow pursuits bit things I envy. If I'm being brutally honest, as I often am. I don't wear jeans because they're not long enough, date boys if they're not tall (and proper) enough or wear mini skirts and dresses.
Perhaps compromise would be inherent in some situations but its hard to just let go.
Party dressing makes me excited and anxious at the same time due to the fact that comfort may sometimes go out the window, and the 30000++ ways that a look could go wrong once you arrive at your destination. Plus given the fact that I have to talk myself into standing properly, showing more skin than my ankles (my body is mostly allergic to exposure) this seemed like a HUGE achievement. And the most fresh air my legs have seen since goodness knows when.
In other news I wore this to a friends 18th birthday party!  At which I became almost tearful at her own tears of overwhelmedness and said something super awkward. My gremlin face is partially due to the fact that I got white girl wasted on my McDonald’s and Starbucks cheat day lunch in an atypical manner. Combined with the hook latch on the inside of the dress keeping me from indecent exposure my mind was like no matter what happens this dress cannot snap open.
Desperate do not open dress thoughts did not stop me from eating at least two plates of the desert in image number 5.
This desert means asshole in Spanish. I blame all the sugar and caffeine in my system because when my good friends sister gave me the meaning (I coaxed her to get me more, 2 trips is enough 3 = judgement from those who were watching the dessert table with hawk like eyes) I replied those are some tasty assholes. *I swear I was sober!!!*
Gosh, the things that come out of my mouth.
I super enjoyed the night as I got to see a few pals that I haven't in ages.
Hopefully we will keep the plans we sorta started making!

Images 4,8 and 9 Taken by Leanne
Images 1-3, 5-7 Taken by Me
Images 4,6,7,8 and 9 edited by Me

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Cote d' Blue

Sweater - H and M (Mens)
Tights - H and M (old)
Cross Body bag - H and M (old)
Dress (worn as skirt) - Salinger Crumbs
Jacket - Bluenotes (Mens)
Scarf - From Nyanya 

After watching a movie trailer (little side note but does youtube ever vacuum you into hours of coming soon movie trailers) that was more about the critical acclaim and responses from one of those film festivals I am abit confuddled.
Perhaps I should start doing posts in that format? Although I do not think that words such as "cool colour combination" chic would garner any things other than multiple reaised eyebrows; mine included.
Not to worry, much like the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland the YouTube hole led me to this and then this, at which point I broke down and started wondering if the clip really was that funny, or if sleeping for 28 hours/ week had damaged my brain that much.
The real topic today is blogger boyfriends! Namely my non existant/ partially existent one, otherwise known as my friends. To be frank whenever I see a blogger crediting their significant other as the man/woman behind the lens the only thing that comes to mind is what kind of seduciton techniques are going on behind the scenes I am looking at you Ah-meeee . Maybe this pervyish line of thinking only occurs because I have such a hard time making taking pictures of me enticing (escpecially when there may or may not be odd stares from folks around us; or on this day almost getting hit by a car I'm looking at you driver who pops up from nowhere! Its almost as hard as me trying to entice myself to go online, read tripodish specs and go buy one whilst knowing what I am looking for.
I really appreciate my friendlies, escpecially the ones who I am not like SUPEER BBF's with, who still endure the stares and take some pretty decent snaps for me.
Thank you x100000000, not to worry, you too will soon *hopefully* be replaced by a  nonsensical piece of technology that does not entertain me or tell me where the light is and when I look like ...

Photographer not BF of the day - The lovely Paulina
Images not edited, due to the fact that everything I usually do on photoshop was done by the sun and PAULINA!
And yes dear reader/imaginary friend the internet is invisible non?, green eyeliner is always the right choice when your outfit is all blue; plus it matches my jacket.


Sunday, 21 July 2013

I'm Sorry Your Demons Were Bigger Than You

Blazer - Zara
Shirt - Army and Navy
Riding Trousers - The GAP
Boots - G-Star (Mens)
Scarf (on head) - Calvin Klein


The first thing I'd like to say is let us consider the importance of brick walls, and celebrate the fact that this usually sketchy place was empty when I gently coaxed dear Alexis into taking picture for me.

The second thing that I'd like to say dear readers is Hello! Super sorry for being gone for a while and thank you for reading all of the archives while I was gone! Such blog keeners.
Anywhoo, this is what I wore to work the other day. I am supremely lazy and as previously demonstrated feel that using the same colour from head to toe is suffecient distraction from my lack of effort or outfit thought. Think of it as Urban Jungle dressing/ Manager dress code distraction 500. Uniform colours on the body, a white jacket for structure and my beloved head scarf for a little distraction action.
We can all just pretend that my abit too short trousers are a fashion statement, and not my body sprouting up further towards the sky and clouds. 
Gosh, I feel like this whole write up is poo, I'm going to stop now before I give into the little voice in my head telling me to go on about how tired I am.  My brain is a pile of mush but I am not crazy (yet).
  Dear kiddies, if I don't ever give you any more advice; DO NOT EVER WORK 7 DAYS A WEEK. There is a reason why people take days off. I have not learned that reason and look forward to giving you beautiful  borderline exhaustion faces and poses.
Much love from my delirious brain, hope your weekend is and was fantasticly shimmery and double purposed as mine (and my outfit). 

Images Taken by Alexis
Edited by me

Sunday, 14 July 2013


Dress - Nine West
Skirt - Le Chateau

Bag - From Masaai market
Shoes - Bata

But what I really want to talk about is the importance of outfits. I personally use them to send messages to the world and myself; sweats if I'm really down down down in the dumps, jeans when I want to be feel some permanence and heels when I'm in a don't mess with me mood (Isn't that always?)
When I finished going through the preteen stage, the importance of the first outfit of a new school year was akin to final exam marks. Done with a mixture of great anticipation and equal parts dread. Coming to the last day of my highschool experience I felt an almost nostalgic need to wear something that said peace out and good bye.
I have learned many 'fashion' lessons in high school. Short skirts are only great till you have to go up the stairs, shoulder bags will compromise your posture once real learning starts and details can make even the simplest items a coherent outfit.
None of that influenced this outfit though. I only wanted to wear something that would incorporate short hemlines (Keep in mind the fact that I spend as much time as I can in the  summer covered head to toe) punchy colours and enough layers to be summer ok and air condition proof.
For anyone wondering aga means baby in Korean, and seeing as I'm nursing a food and shirt lump baby I felt the need to pay my respects.
Images taken by Na Eun
Images edited by me

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lookie Here: Je Ne Regrette Rien - Presque Rien*

Now that I have your attention - keep scrolling.

(Do my dark circles dissapear from this angle pose)

( I can't find my lip balm please don't dry up lips pose)

(Le crazy eyes pose)

I am not a planner. This is something that I said with complete and utter pride in my younger days. You know? The moments that were filled with jaunts to the cheapest food place because tweens don't have exceedingly excessive amounts lying in the piggy bank. Whenever we got those writing prompts I would start writing, garnering wrinkled brows from similarly word lusty pals.
I am pretty sure my friends have in moments when they shouldn't have been time questioned how it is that I keep everything running without exploding from my lack of planning.
To that amigos and amigas I have only one thing to say.
I think that is all starting to change as I get older and am faced with parties. (Oh, you thought that I was going to be deep there right?)
Not small events, but bustoutyourbestdressandbestpostureandhighheelsandalookthatwillmakepeopleswoonevents. I dread and look forward to their coming in equal amounts, being fickle with emotions like that.
Realizing that there is a party this weekend, and that I've been telling myself I'll hit the gym a for abit for a while 2 months makes me giggle. And not in a cutesy manner, in that I am on the verge of something that merits a psycho(insert appropriate ending here) visit.
Even after realizing the trickery that has gone on in my mind I am still half assing my way to workouts in a quasi attempt to convince myself that yes, toned muscle will magically sprout up from your half assed to non-existent squats. Did I mention I'm allergic to that brand of pain that comes with endorphins? What is a girl to do but hope that my dress hemline and tailoring covers all flaws? Eat some chocolate as avidly as a mathematician devours equations. 
Gosh, that made no sense at all chums, but I haven't really talked to many people this last week, playing at house wifing myself and being artistic.
Empty sketch books here I come!**
And yes, the images above; crazy eyes and half formed expressions are what I am bequithing to you dear readers. I know I'm probably supposed to follow that unwritten rule that states I should be a good lookingish being and make you all fall for my many charms and personality form coherent sentences but alas that is alot of effort and it's too hot to even think so adios for now.
Whilst I go right back to being addicted to Shini P, not that you should follow suit or anything

*Insert majestic Edith Piaf vocals here
**This will be a total improvement from that time when I used my sketchbooks to practice math, still shuddering at the thought. 
Images shot by Raafi
Mildly edited by me

Sunday, 7 July 2013

We're Driving Cadillacs In Our Dreams

I feel that one of the hardest parts of 'growing up' so to speak is learning how to trust yourself. Youth when you are not legally an adult is full of parameters and people who will gently push you into what they feel is the right direction. This is not a wrong or right thing but simply what happens when others are trying to look out for you, while you're forming a you
This counts so much when it comes to beauty. Rules such as never do your eyes when you do a bold lip seem like a commandment to me, especially since the women in my family eschew makeup for their hard earned natural beauty. While I admire their efforts I will admit that I enjoy putting on something extra that isn't an accessory. The challenge comes with the fact that the drama I yearn for is not something I have found  guidance that is simple and no fuss; the struggle continues.
I had no idea what kind of look I was going to try for this project with Paulina and honestly slapped this on in 5 minutes, seeing as I arrived late. So I was very surprised when I did not look like a street walker (nod your head even if you think I look like one)
Sorry for my absence but my head has just been to the moon and back.