Tuesday, 25 June 2013


What did I learn after twelve years of institutionalized education? One thing, orange is the colour of sexual frustration. Which makes no sense because it has become ubiquitious, permeating the closet of children and housewives everywhere. Surely all of those people cannot be experiencing and willingly exhibiting this frustration. 
My reasons for wearing this much orange at once are 
A) I'm lazy. I was going to work, which has a very strict dress code. I felt that even though the two shades of orange weren't exactly the same, the fact that they were the same colour could fool people into thinking that it could be a suit.
B) I am still lazy and honestly who wants to think about putting an outfit together. I opened my eyes in the morning debating on whether or not 5 more minutes in bed would be warranted. These two pieces were glimpsed as I keep my closet open at almost all times, thus when I rushed up from breakfast with 7 minutes to dress this was it. Casualness for the win! Honestly I really can't be bothered in recent days or the month of May/June.

In other news I am trying to last minute cram review for my last exam. Woot!!!! They joy's of I don't even know what anymore..... I mean I really really enjoy physics, the way some people enjoy being right, or pretty or physicists. 
However exam time always feels like death to me. It doesn't matter that I've been taking tests for more than a decade. The consistent result is a cold sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Apart from that I also tend to eat like a teenage boy (or just a normal teenager according to my brother). I will confess with no shame waking up at 2 am, after two days of serious studying, during which I dined on ice cream and pumpkin. My stomach will not believe my brain when it says that sleep is more important, groggily waking and tiptoeing round the house. 

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