Thursday, 27 June 2013

Love and Defection

Shirt - H&M
Skirt - Sears
Jumper - Lee

If I'm being frank I hate the idea of preppiness. 
Don't get this wrong though; I don't have people who identify or dress in a manner that can be labeled as preppy. I simply do not have any fondness or room in my heart whatsoever for the establishment of preppy.
Whether it's those never ending 'Polo Ralph Lauren' cologne and perfume ads that sell you sun kissed youth (with never ending bank accounts) or the thought of slacks and a polo, I dread it all.Which is why I was shocked at myself for putting this outfit on. Whenever the heat moves in I become a slug who does not want to get dressed. I feel that showing skin in a manner that is true to my self, in the current state of fashion, would either cost too much or be too exhausting and planned out. Totally unlivable. However I find that as one ages, you learn to make small concession.
These are mine incarnated in skirt and collar.

Images graciously taken by Angie
Edited by myself (ha ha...)

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