Friday, 28 June 2013

Let The Dog Days Begin

Scarf - Calvin Klein
Skirt - Mariposa
Shirt - H&M Mens 
Shoes - Barefoot Tess

On this Friday, I would like us both dear reader to consider the magical properties of silver head scarves. This is the stuff that they did not teach me at school, and probably do not know about in Psych 101. The silver head scarf bestows luck, Buddha belly rubbing may slip the mind at times, but when something this liquid looking is sitting right on top of your mind, well neither you or any passerby will forget.
Luck? Yes, I will tell you how so. I have been an avid head scarfer for a few years now. Bad hair day be gone and all that. However most ended up mistaking my avoidance of my hair, or want to make a statement as a religious or cultural thing. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but you know the headscarf should be recognized in a singular manner befitting all of its glorious skills and poweress and all that.
Wearing this to work garnered me two double takes from managers; before I hit the floor. Now retail being almost a game of skill with customers and their very quirky (not always charming personalities), the best defense is a good offense.
Any grumpy being seemed to stop, stare and move on wondering whether or not they had just witnessed what was on top of my head. Frontal lobes, be warned.
This scarf in particular drafts a win-win situation like no other.
People are nice to you, and in fascination you are nice back in a borderline gushing manner.
And it is with that that I’d like to make notice of the shoes - snakeskin like upping complimentable garments from one to two; SACRE BLEU!
Distracting toddlers everywhere from the full time pursuit of banshee like screaming, to wide eyed something, and people who are seem to be much cooler than I am; toting celine’s and prada to comment “Nice shoes”
Small details make a big difference.
Happy Friday All.
I want some tteokbokki.

Images taken by my brother
Edited by me

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