Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dim Sum Diaries - A Gastrointestinal Adventure

1. Zha Lern

For a long, long time I tried to hopelessly cajole my friendlies into taking me to a proper Asian restaurant. 
Threats of disowning them did not work and so my hope reclined to disappointment.
Then out of the blue, during a day off from classes we all went to dim sum!

2. Sticky Rice

Even though I managed to unearth my very temperamental chopstick skills, there was one huge faux pas that I committed! 
My mother had always told me that when one is uncertain about how to eat, you should always watch those that you are with. Clearly I did not heed this advice, I ate the leaf. 
For those of you who have not been to dim sum ever (what are you doing with your lives?) the leaf is there to provide flavour. It also protects the rice inside during the process of steaming.
If only, I'd known this! To me the leaf smelled soo familiar, like a vegetable that I'd eaten as a child back home.

3. Chicken Feet

 I don't think I've eaten one since early childhood. My first reaction was, ermmm it looks saaucy. Then I pondered the task of chopsticks and maneuvering that foot properly. Finally I stopped overthinking and started eating. This was actually super tasty!!!!! Challenging, but oh, so worth it.

I feel that when we eat out, we all discover that one dish that we are ready to die from gorging on; this is it for me! That fresh sesaminess, coupled with the very smooth filling, my sweet tooth died, went to heaven, and considered jacking the cart that carried this away with me.

5. Shrimp Cakes

I think that the best part of dim sum is that the perfect combination of savoury, meaty and deep fried is just a few steps away from you!! Honestly should not be writing this post at the moment as I am slowly becoming ravenous.

7. Shu Mai

Another goodie, even though I don't know what it is actually made of.......

8. HK Streetstyle Mini-egg Waffles

Afterwards we all went to a little cafe, it was supremely out of the way but worth it! 
Location woes aside, when I first saw these, I did not think that they would taste special. I think that it's partially because most of us have grown up to draw the conclusion that elaborate means 150% satisfying. 
The moment I popped one into my mouth, I felt guilty for having little to no expectations.It was PERFECT!!! Bearing the quality of sweetness, but not in that overpowering manner which most desserts succumb to.

Unfortunately we did not eat any of these.... :( they were what caught my eye on a bakery run to purchase a cake for an activity later that day.

My final impression is that everyone should try dim sum! 
The only word of caution, which may be a con to some, is the fact that if there is mandarin spoken, I feel that things will go alot smoother as you won't ask for items in a stagnant manner and bore the lovely ladies doling deliciousness from their carts with your lack of knowledge.

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