Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bom Dia


Jeans - From Kenya
Ring - From Kenya
Ankle Boots - The Bay

As a child I was always told that you should never wear precious items out as if they are nothing. 
This top, is something I love with almost all the bits that make up my heart for two reasons, it's velvet with luminescent reflector details (this kind of quirky is totally up my alley) AND it will live in my closet for a while. I've recently started trying to buy things that I see myself wearing at 50, when I can't rely on youth any longer as an excuse for wearing something. Living in a city that has 0 to no events that I'm likely to attend that warrant such opulence, my next best option for wear was school. #hashtagwhat? 
I thought that wearing these jeans would be a good balance to the whole look. Honestly I am a no fuss type of person. Make up and the like a after thoughts that soon dissapear once I start considering whether or not I've lost or forgotten the days item of importance. What I've found is that at least for me, such pieces will guarantee you supremely odd results! When I wore this, I not only got quite a few comments on it BUT one of my teachers reached out and felt it!!! My shirt is officially pet worthy, multitasking for the win!
My brain is currently undergoing all sorts of numbing torture, otherwise known as studying. So I have nothing else to say today. 
But there is a frapp story coming your way soon and yes I am aware that there is a rip in my jeans, something I forgot when I put them on.
What is life?
 I spent that whole afternoon wondering if anyone could see the rip as I moved about, felt like a total paranoid nut. 

Images taken by Na Eun
Edited by myself 

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