Friday, 21 June 2013


Shirt - Western Union
Skirt - Mariposa
Shoes - You see them all the time so just read the post preceeding this one.

This car is not in my possession. I simply stumbled upon it whilst out on a walk with a friend.
They joy of being motile is something that refreshes my day, no matter how short the period of action is relative to the length of a day.
Inbetween school and Quiznos (the ultimate destination), lay cars that seemed to be from another era.
We stood shocked, walked around in awe of the REAL WOOD DETAILS!!!!! and then I finally suggested we take a few quick shots.
The fact that we were being stared at.
The fact that one of the show organizers came up and enthusiastically inform us that this car was from 1939.
We booked it as fast as possible.
I'm sure you understand that when in full out study mode, social interaction becomes a can I leave now moment of sure confusion. 
Apart from the social calamities that arise from knowing more about your text book than current affairs, I watched a documentary on Diana Vreeland.
She makes me sad about Vogue and some bits of fashion in the present day, the character of her that we are presented with is fantastical.
So for those who like me, are too study shocked to do social things -> The Eye Has to Travel
And yes, my outfit was just as hugger-muggered as my brain; Merriam Webster for the win.

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