Friday, 28 June 2013

Let The Dog Days Begin

Scarf - Calvin Klein
Skirt - Mariposa
Shirt - H&M Mens 
Shoes - Barefoot Tess

On this Friday, I would like us both dear reader to consider the magical properties of silver head scarves. This is the stuff that they did not teach me at school, and probably do not know about in Psych 101. The silver head scarf bestows luck, Buddha belly rubbing may slip the mind at times, but when something this liquid looking is sitting right on top of your mind, well neither you or any passerby will forget.
Luck? Yes, I will tell you how so. I have been an avid head scarfer for a few years now. Bad hair day be gone and all that. However most ended up mistaking my avoidance of my hair, or want to make a statement as a religious or cultural thing. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but you know the headscarf should be recognized in a singular manner befitting all of its glorious skills and poweress and all that.
Wearing this to work garnered me two double takes from managers; before I hit the floor. Now retail being almost a game of skill with customers and their very quirky (not always charming personalities), the best defense is a good offense.
Any grumpy being seemed to stop, stare and move on wondering whether or not they had just witnessed what was on top of my head. Frontal lobes, be warned.
This scarf in particular drafts a win-win situation like no other.
People are nice to you, and in fascination you are nice back in a borderline gushing manner.
And it is with that that I’d like to make notice of the shoes - snakeskin like upping complimentable garments from one to two; SACRE BLEU!
Distracting toddlers everywhere from the full time pursuit of banshee like screaming, to wide eyed something, and people who are seem to be much cooler than I am; toting celine’s and prada to comment “Nice shoes”
Small details make a big difference.
Happy Friday All.
I want some tteokbokki.

Images taken by my brother
Edited by me

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Love and Defection

Shirt - H&M
Skirt - Sears
Jumper - Lee

If I'm being frank I hate the idea of preppiness. 
Don't get this wrong though; I don't have people who identify or dress in a manner that can be labeled as preppy. I simply do not have any fondness or room in my heart whatsoever for the establishment of preppy.
Whether it's those never ending 'Polo Ralph Lauren' cologne and perfume ads that sell you sun kissed youth (with never ending bank accounts) or the thought of slacks and a polo, I dread it all.Which is why I was shocked at myself for putting this outfit on. Whenever the heat moves in I become a slug who does not want to get dressed. I feel that showing skin in a manner that is true to my self, in the current state of fashion, would either cost too much or be too exhausting and planned out. Totally unlivable. However I find that as one ages, you learn to make small concession.
These are mine incarnated in skirt and collar.

Images graciously taken by Angie
Edited by myself (ha ha...)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


What did I learn after twelve years of institutionalized education? One thing, orange is the colour of sexual frustration. Which makes no sense because it has become ubiquitious, permeating the closet of children and housewives everywhere. Surely all of those people cannot be experiencing and willingly exhibiting this frustration. 
My reasons for wearing this much orange at once are 
A) I'm lazy. I was going to work, which has a very strict dress code. I felt that even though the two shades of orange weren't exactly the same, the fact that they were the same colour could fool people into thinking that it could be a suit.
B) I am still lazy and honestly who wants to think about putting an outfit together. I opened my eyes in the morning debating on whether or not 5 more minutes in bed would be warranted. These two pieces were glimpsed as I keep my closet open at almost all times, thus when I rushed up from breakfast with 7 minutes to dress this was it. Casualness for the win! Honestly I really can't be bothered in recent days or the month of May/June.

In other news I am trying to last minute cram review for my last exam. Woot!!!! They joy's of I don't even know what anymore..... I mean I really really enjoy physics, the way some people enjoy being right, or pretty or physicists. 
However exam time always feels like death to me. It doesn't matter that I've been taking tests for more than a decade. The consistent result is a cold sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Apart from that I also tend to eat like a teenage boy (or just a normal teenager according to my brother). I will confess with no shame waking up at 2 am, after two days of serious studying, during which I dined on ice cream and pumpkin. My stomach will not believe my brain when it says that sleep is more important, groggily waking and tiptoeing round the house. 

Friday, 21 June 2013


Shirt - Western Union
Skirt - Mariposa
Shoes - You see them all the time so just read the post preceeding this one.

This car is not in my possession. I simply stumbled upon it whilst out on a walk with a friend.
They joy of being motile is something that refreshes my day, no matter how short the period of action is relative to the length of a day.
Inbetween school and Quiznos (the ultimate destination), lay cars that seemed to be from another era.
We stood shocked, walked around in awe of the REAL WOOD DETAILS!!!!! and then I finally suggested we take a few quick shots.
The fact that we were being stared at.
The fact that one of the show organizers came up and enthusiastically inform us that this car was from 1939.
We booked it as fast as possible.
I'm sure you understand that when in full out study mode, social interaction becomes a can I leave now moment of sure confusion. 
Apart from the social calamities that arise from knowing more about your text book than current affairs, I watched a documentary on Diana Vreeland.
She makes me sad about Vogue and some bits of fashion in the present day, the character of her that we are presented with is fantastical.
So for those who like me, are too study shocked to do social things -> The Eye Has to Travel
And yes, my outfit was just as hugger-muggered as my brain; Merriam Webster for the win.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bom Dia


Jeans - From Kenya
Ring - From Kenya
Ankle Boots - The Bay

As a child I was always told that you should never wear precious items out as if they are nothing. 
This top, is something I love with almost all the bits that make up my heart for two reasons, it's velvet with luminescent reflector details (this kind of quirky is totally up my alley) AND it will live in my closet for a while. I've recently started trying to buy things that I see myself wearing at 50, when I can't rely on youth any longer as an excuse for wearing something. Living in a city that has 0 to no events that I'm likely to attend that warrant such opulence, my next best option for wear was school. #hashtagwhat? 
I thought that wearing these jeans would be a good balance to the whole look. Honestly I am a no fuss type of person. Make up and the like a after thoughts that soon dissapear once I start considering whether or not I've lost or forgotten the days item of importance. What I've found is that at least for me, such pieces will guarantee you supremely odd results! When I wore this, I not only got quite a few comments on it BUT one of my teachers reached out and felt it!!! My shirt is officially pet worthy, multitasking for the win!
My brain is currently undergoing all sorts of numbing torture, otherwise known as studying. So I have nothing else to say today. 
But there is a frapp story coming your way soon and yes I am aware that there is a rip in my jeans, something I forgot when I put them on.
What is life?
 I spent that whole afternoon wondering if anyone could see the rip as I moved about, felt like a total paranoid nut. 

Images taken by Na Eun
Edited by myself 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Keep Whispering Love

I want to shamelessly admit the fact that I've been waiting to wear this outfit all week. Honestly, even though I am currently writing exams that will decide my fate, all that I could think about was when in the hell would the sun come out so I could wear this?!?!? 
Monday was alright, but Tuesday and Wednesday were rainy messes, with a pretty wicked thunderstorm appearing yesterday.

More than that, I have a personal theory about exams. When I look decent, I do decently (okay not always...). But when how I have presented myself is not a worry, I can truly focus on spazzing out about other useless things, like whether or not I will suddenly come up with a bad case of retrograde amnesia and FAIL. 
This is my sense of 'exam comfort', which is why I probably looked like an asshole today. Whilst the large majority of classmates were clad in jeans and sweatpants, I was stalking my way through the halls for last minute notes, in heels and proper trousers. 
Actually I felt like an ass because I'd read this article in Seventeen about how people who don't look like they're about to die during exams are odd. But why am I taking advice from Seventeen (no offence!!)

Tank - La Senza
Trousers - T by Alexander Wang
Jacket - Vintage 

Images taken by - Paulina
Image Editing - Me

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dim Sum Diaries - A Gastrointestinal Adventure

1. Zha Lern

For a long, long time I tried to hopelessly cajole my friendlies into taking me to a proper Asian restaurant. 
Threats of disowning them did not work and so my hope reclined to disappointment.
Then out of the blue, during a day off from classes we all went to dim sum!

2. Sticky Rice

Even though I managed to unearth my very temperamental chopstick skills, there was one huge faux pas that I committed! 
My mother had always told me that when one is uncertain about how to eat, you should always watch those that you are with. Clearly I did not heed this advice, I ate the leaf. 
For those of you who have not been to dim sum ever (what are you doing with your lives?) the leaf is there to provide flavour. It also protects the rice inside during the process of steaming.
If only, I'd known this! To me the leaf smelled soo familiar, like a vegetable that I'd eaten as a child back home.

3. Chicken Feet

 I don't think I've eaten one since early childhood. My first reaction was, ermmm it looks saaucy. Then I pondered the task of chopsticks and maneuvering that foot properly. Finally I stopped overthinking and started eating. This was actually super tasty!!!!! Challenging, but oh, so worth it.

I feel that when we eat out, we all discover that one dish that we are ready to die from gorging on; this is it for me! That fresh sesaminess, coupled with the very smooth filling, my sweet tooth died, went to heaven, and considered jacking the cart that carried this away with me.

5. Shrimp Cakes

I think that the best part of dim sum is that the perfect combination of savoury, meaty and deep fried is just a few steps away from you!! Honestly should not be writing this post at the moment as I am slowly becoming ravenous.

7. Shu Mai

Another goodie, even though I don't know what it is actually made of.......

8. HK Streetstyle Mini-egg Waffles

Afterwards we all went to a little cafe, it was supremely out of the way but worth it! 
Location woes aside, when I first saw these, I did not think that they would taste special. I think that it's partially because most of us have grown up to draw the conclusion that elaborate means 150% satisfying. 
The moment I popped one into my mouth, I felt guilty for having little to no expectations.It was PERFECT!!! Bearing the quality of sweetness, but not in that overpowering manner which most desserts succumb to.

Unfortunately we did not eat any of these.... :( they were what caught my eye on a bakery run to purchase a cake for an activity later that day.

My final impression is that everyone should try dim sum! 
The only word of caution, which may be a con to some, is the fact that if there is mandarin spoken, I feel that things will go alot smoother as you won't ask for items in a stagnant manner and bore the lovely ladies doling deliciousness from their carts with your lack of knowledge.