Friday, 10 May 2013

Subcutaneous Fat Deposits

No, my title has nothing to do with anything at all; but I feel that we should all be aware of the word 'subcutaneous'.
What I really wanted to delve into today was facial expression.
Personally I don't know what my expressions are, so these images are an exploration into the looks that cloak my thoughts (even though I really couldn't tell you what I was thinking for my life!) I have had people tell me that I am staring them down, others think I do not know how to frown (you know who you are...). I am always caught off guard by such comments.
But even more so by the power of a single facial expression; the coordination of goodness knows how  many muscles to express in silence. I mean I'm sure we have all done it; assumed that someone is mean, or a total tool because of how their face is set.
Which after some thought is kind of dumb and a bit narcissistic because it's based on the assumption that their facial expression is for YOU.
Unless of course it is for you......
I think the only thing greater than a single facial expression; is eye talk powers. You know how girls communicate with just their eyeballs, and a whole conversation can take place in a matter of seconds? [of course you do, nod and say yes}
I worked with one of my friends, for these shots. His approach is focused on real life - in time - personal moment shots.
Which meant that posing was out of la fenĂȘtre in order to avoid super awkward silences.
I have to say that on this particular Friday, after a small while of photoshop tutorial watching and editing, I appreciate the people who, from time to time, venture behind their lenses for me.
I've been hit with ten exam papers in the last  days; my grey matter is amazingly frazzled/frizzled. Dunno if that last one is even an existing word (clearly mylinated neurons are useless when one is sleep deprived - or just depraved)
Anyway, I am not going to bother you normal folk with boring nerd talk.
Happy Friday

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