Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Just a super quick preview of another collaboration with Paulina that took place this past weekend.
I've spent my day trying not to fall asleep in an obvious manner during classes, honestly don't understand people who can run on 3 hours of sleep consistently. Props to them, as my brain has taken a trip to a place I do not know as a result of my unknowing jaunt to sleeplessvile (population 1)
Anywhoo, the best part of my day was my nap, playing with a Canon that I was graciously lent to me for the night.
The possibilities that lie in my brain cavity far outnumber the 2 hours I spent trying delving into settings and their results.

In other news I am currently missing The XX concert that is being held tonight, I am not sure why I decided to act all responsible who wants to go out on a school night, but I wholly regret it! 

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