Saturday, 18 May 2013

If I'm A Lyric, Baby You Can Be the Note - Record That

Scarf (on head) - Calvin Klein
Dress - Diane von Furstenburg 
Shoes - to be updated 

As I get older, and the parties I get invited to have more serious dress codes, pleasing others becomes a bigger nuisance. I am always conflicted between fitting in with what others wish I would wear, and what I want to wear.
If I'm being frank, when I spend time day dreaming on what to wear I envision myself in a short slinky number. I really really think want to get that 'hot damn' look. But if I'm being honest, I want comfort!
There is nothing worse than being an uncomfortable well dressed mess. 
For myself the cheekily short dress will turn into a faux pas as soon as you're seated next to someone of an older, and more proper generation.
Furthermore, there is something about the implicit longevity that this dress will have in my closet that I love.
Because it had such a tricky neckline (read I didn't know how to handle the one arm situation), I decided to look for a scarf to wrap around my head. The only stipulation in my mind, was that it should look like it was molten, wrapped around my head straight from a foundry (although if you've watched Game of Thrones, you know that's not a very good idea)
The shoes are men's #shameless, I think I have come to a resolution with my feet; and it does not include pain and suffering, those two do not encourage mad crazy dancing.
Anyway, I wore this to one of my super super good friends debut's; more to come on that later. 

PS - Go listen to SURE THING by Miguel, I think I've pestered  everyone I know to listen to it.

Images taken by - Zhina
Edited by Me

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