Friday, 31 May 2013


Sweater Dress (worn as top) - Marshalls
Shoes - MRKT at The Bay
Trousers - Zoa New York

Trying something new always works in theory, the reality is oh so different.
I will admit that the only reason that I am posting these pictures is because A) Angie did an AMAZING job with the photography & B) maybe this isn't as bad as I think it is.
Being a hippy girl I steer clear from skinny how wide are my hips now jeans and anything that is too tight, the same goes for voluminous clothing.
However, I have recently felt alot of love towards the Japanese knack for playing with proportions every which way. 
The result for me? A supremely fitted knit, resurrected from the winter part of my closet, and these airy silk trousers.
Their comfort was like the hybridized feel of an airy maxi and well worn trousers.
I would seriously recommend these to everyone I know, and look forward to playing around with them.

*PS - Can we talk about how much I've abused these ankle boots, would seriously consider living in them for the rest of my days who cares if the constant wear has caused them to start coming undone already.
**PPS - Before you leave the interweb have a listen to this 

Blew me away.

Photos Taken by - Angie 
Editing - Me 

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