Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My adventure with two very crucial P's, Paulina and Photoshop continue.

Body image is a huge deal!
However what is even bigger, is finding comfort in a manner that will be.comfortable for everyone else.
I think that whenever I feel super comfy with my body, I hesitate to proclaim in confidently. This is due to the fact that I feel that if I don't have that glorified ideal body type, who am I to say I'm becoming okay with me?
If I have friends who are below a size four and still feel the need to diet, who am I at a 6 to say I don't care if I get skinnier or not?

When it comes to accepting you face, multiply that uncertainty by a billion scattered and battered thoughts that found some of what resembles self worth.
I feel that like many I have struggled to see myself clearly, often wading in that never ending stretch of cyclical self disapproval. However at the end of the day what does it all matter? 
We are all preoccupied as to how much we look "good" in comparison to others, that I wonder if people are really putting as much time and effort into being good people to others, but also themselves.
I think that women put themselves down as a peace offering; part of the mysterious self taught course known as 'How To Bond With Other Women 101'. However when you start stating what you dislike about yourself, it never ends. 
This is a one habit that should never be taken up, because really, not everyone has to like you.
And it's perfectly alright to be alright with ones body.

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