Sunday, 26 May 2013

Ever So Often, You'd Get Lost and Miss Out On Everything

Sweater Dress - Calvin Klein    Dress (worn as jacket) - Nine West  Shoes - Town Shoes   

At this point you are probably wondering, what self respecting blogger posts such blurry pictures of themselves?
The answer to your burgeoning question is obviously quite obvious by now (ha ha)
A few days ago I had the good fortune of being able to borrow a Canon (of which I will get the model name) and a few spiffy lenses to experiment. 
I am thinking of making a great leap forward, and investing in a DSLR. The only thing that I cannot decide, is whether to go Team Canon OR Team Nikon.
Also such a purchase has the potential to paralyze me (and my card swiping hand), practice is going to be my one and only weapon.
Honestly, the biggest thing I discovered was the fact that I have little to no tripod skills. When I started, I thought that focusing the camera and changing its settings to gain the effect I wanted (hence the blury cum shiftiness) would be the task du jour.
Oh baby was I wrong!
I have now learnt my lesson, and invested time in youtubing and googling how to properly use a tripod.
And no, I am not reluctant to admit this to the internet.
Anywhoo, more is coming at you from my most recent collaboration with Paulina

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