Friday, 31 May 2013


Sweater Dress (worn as top) - Marshalls
Shoes - MRKT at The Bay
Trousers - Zoa New York

Trying something new always works in theory, the reality is oh so different.
I will admit that the only reason that I am posting these pictures is because A) Angie did an AMAZING job with the photography & B) maybe this isn't as bad as I think it is.
Being a hippy girl I steer clear from skinny how wide are my hips now jeans and anything that is too tight, the same goes for voluminous clothing.
However, I have recently felt alot of love towards the Japanese knack for playing with proportions every which way. 
The result for me? A supremely fitted knit, resurrected from the winter part of my closet, and these airy silk trousers.
Their comfort was like the hybridized feel of an airy maxi and well worn trousers.
I would seriously recommend these to everyone I know, and look forward to playing around with them.

*PS - Can we talk about how much I've abused these ankle boots, would seriously consider living in them for the rest of my days who cares if the constant wear has caused them to start coming undone already.
**PPS - Before you leave the interweb have a listen to this 

Blew me away.

Photos Taken by - Angie 
Editing - Me 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My adventure with two very crucial P's, Paulina and Photoshop continue.

Body image is a huge deal!
However what is even bigger, is finding comfort in a manner that will be.comfortable for everyone else.
I think that whenever I feel super comfy with my body, I hesitate to proclaim in confidently. This is due to the fact that I feel that if I don't have that glorified ideal body type, who am I to say I'm becoming okay with me?
If I have friends who are below a size four and still feel the need to diet, who am I at a 6 to say I don't care if I get skinnier or not?

When it comes to accepting you face, multiply that uncertainty by a billion scattered and battered thoughts that found some of what resembles self worth.
I feel that like many I have struggled to see myself clearly, often wading in that never ending stretch of cyclical self disapproval. However at the end of the day what does it all matter? 
We are all preoccupied as to how much we look "good" in comparison to others, that I wonder if people are really putting as much time and effort into being good people to others, but also themselves.
I think that women put themselves down as a peace offering; part of the mysterious self taught course known as 'How To Bond With Other Women 101'. However when you start stating what you dislike about yourself, it never ends. 
This is a one habit that should never be taken up, because really, not everyone has to like you.
And it's perfectly alright to be alright with ones body.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Ever So Often, You'd Get Lost and Miss Out On Everything

Sweater Dress - Calvin Klein    Dress (worn as jacket) - Nine West  Shoes - Town Shoes   

At this point you are probably wondering, what self respecting blogger posts such blurry pictures of themselves?
The answer to your burgeoning question is obviously quite obvious by now (ha ha)
A few days ago I had the good fortune of being able to borrow a Canon (of which I will get the model name) and a few spiffy lenses to experiment. 
I am thinking of making a great leap forward, and investing in a DSLR. The only thing that I cannot decide, is whether to go Team Canon OR Team Nikon.
Also such a purchase has the potential to paralyze me (and my card swiping hand), practice is going to be my one and only weapon.
Honestly, the biggest thing I discovered was the fact that I have little to no tripod skills. When I started, I thought that focusing the camera and changing its settings to gain the effect I wanted (hence the blury cum shiftiness) would be the task du jour.
Oh baby was I wrong!
I have now learnt my lesson, and invested time in youtubing and googling how to properly use a tripod.
And no, I am not reluctant to admit this to the internet.
Anywhoo, more is coming at you from my most recent collaboration with Paulina

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Just a super quick preview of another collaboration with Paulina that took place this past weekend.
I've spent my day trying not to fall asleep in an obvious manner during classes, honestly don't understand people who can run on 3 hours of sleep consistently. Props to them, as my brain has taken a trip to a place I do not know as a result of my unknowing jaunt to sleeplessvile (population 1)
Anywhoo, the best part of my day was my nap, playing with a Canon that I was graciously lent to me for the night.
The possibilities that lie in my brain cavity far outnumber the 2 hours I spent trying delving into settings and their results.

In other news I am currently missing The XX concert that is being held tonight, I am not sure why I decided to act all responsible who wants to go out on a school night, but I wholly regret it! 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

If I'm A Lyric, Baby You Can Be the Note - Record That

Scarf (on head) - Calvin Klein
Dress - Diane von Furstenburg 
Shoes - to be updated 

As I get older, and the parties I get invited to have more serious dress codes, pleasing others becomes a bigger nuisance. I am always conflicted between fitting in with what others wish I would wear, and what I want to wear.
If I'm being frank, when I spend time day dreaming on what to wear I envision myself in a short slinky number. I really really think want to get that 'hot damn' look. But if I'm being honest, I want comfort!
There is nothing worse than being an uncomfortable well dressed mess. 
For myself the cheekily short dress will turn into a faux pas as soon as you're seated next to someone of an older, and more proper generation.
Furthermore, there is something about the implicit longevity that this dress will have in my closet that I love.
Because it had such a tricky neckline (read I didn't know how to handle the one arm situation), I decided to look for a scarf to wrap around my head. The only stipulation in my mind, was that it should look like it was molten, wrapped around my head straight from a foundry (although if you've watched Game of Thrones, you know that's not a very good idea)
The shoes are men's #shameless, I think I have come to a resolution with my feet; and it does not include pain and suffering, those two do not encourage mad crazy dancing.
Anyway, I wore this to one of my super super good friends debut's; more to come on that later. 

PS - Go listen to SURE THING by Miguel, I think I've pestered  everyone I know to listen to it.

Images taken by - Zhina
Edited by Me

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Crawlway - Cellerage: Everything Is Fun When You Are A Few Feet Under

Realizing that I forgot to do an outfit details list for this project.
Shirt : Manish Arora
Dress (worn as skirt): H&M

I am also wondering why people think that basements are places where dirty things happen and occur.
Okay, they're either storage, entertainment centres or party central!
My own experiences with basements are supremely limited - I spent a good chunk of my life in houses that were built in places that did not facilitate cellerage.
So I've always been fascinated with what people keep and do in their basements; escpecially those who have lived in the same house all their lives.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Subcutaneous Fat Deposits

No, my title has nothing to do with anything at all; but I feel that we should all be aware of the word 'subcutaneous'.
What I really wanted to delve into today was facial expression.
Personally I don't know what my expressions are, so these images are an exploration into the looks that cloak my thoughts (even though I really couldn't tell you what I was thinking for my life!) I have had people tell me that I am staring them down, others think I do not know how to frown (you know who you are...). I am always caught off guard by such comments.
But even more so by the power of a single facial expression; the coordination of goodness knows how  many muscles to express in silence. I mean I'm sure we have all done it; assumed that someone is mean, or a total tool because of how their face is set.
Which after some thought is kind of dumb and a bit narcissistic because it's based on the assumption that their facial expression is for YOU.
Unless of course it is for you......
I think the only thing greater than a single facial expression; is eye talk powers. You know how girls communicate with just their eyeballs, and a whole conversation can take place in a matter of seconds? [of course you do, nod and say yes}
I worked with one of my friends, for these shots. His approach is focused on real life - in time - personal moment shots.
Which meant that posing was out of la fenĂȘtre in order to avoid super awkward silences.
I have to say that on this particular Friday, after a small while of photoshop tutorial watching and editing, I appreciate the people who, from time to time, venture behind their lenses for me.
I've been hit with ten exam papers in the last  days; my grey matter is amazingly frazzled/frizzled. Dunno if that last one is even an existing word (clearly mylinated neurons are useless when one is sleep deprived - or just depraved)
Anyway, I am not going to bother you normal folk with boring nerd talk.
Happy Friday

It's Not About Glory

Some supremely blurry shots coming at you! This was my original method (before I coaxed people around me to add photographer to their skill set.) 
The camera sitch needs to be fixed; the more I am exposed to other proper DSLR's the more I realize the importance of pixels, ISO etc...

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Just taking some time to fool around on Photoshop CS6.
Honestly one of the biggest learning curves that I have encountered thus far in life.
But everything good is not easy; or at least that's what I keep telling myself.