Tuesday, 30 April 2013

You Just Keep Shining On And On Through My Time

More shots coming at you from what I did with Paulina!
I am still in love with the efffects that light can have. 
These shots were the first few that we took.
What basically happened was that I moved when I was supposed to be 'rock steady' still, I had to remind myself that I was wearing a super duper short item. 
This resulted in my looking like a two headed, four limbed mythical creature
The real topic of this post should however be the amazing live version of Words You Shouldn't Believe by Nell.
Those guitar riffy things (ohh, I know my guitar terminology is far too technical) had me reminding myself that only fishes should have gaping mouth holes....Like is this for real? How can this much flawlessness be live? How are his vocal chords to versatile, seriously? but the real question is How can it be so far away from me?
I know that alot of people feel that the future of music is something that can't even be thought of cheerily as a future, to them I say stop listening to North American English music.
Heck, turn off the top fourty and find some underground.
When it comes to my own music listening adventures I try and apply a rule (not really, more a statement) off thumb. 
Struggle breeds amazingness; there is a reason that necessity is the mother of innovation.
That and "Mo money more problems". 
With that I am off to sleep, hopefully this time I can dream of something other than integrals.

PS - Take a listen to this boat load of deepness!

(Lyrics can be found here)

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