Friday, 29 March 2013

Whomever Started the Whole Seeing When People Have Read Your Messages Thing Deserves A Lifetime Jail Sentence for Destroying the Self-Esteem of Millions of People

This is a throwback post! Everytime I take pictures my attitude towards posting is either 
1) I AM SOO EXCITED!! Let's do this....
2) Well I took them right? Kudos to me! Don't want to strain myself too much. How about some studying? (aka denial) 

This is my favorite image, the intangible parts of the image are so relaxing after being subjected to pictures that are sharpened to within an inch of their lives everyday. 

Notice the paleness of my feet. Even though these images were taken in summer they still hold their winter shade. Honestly feel that when the weather warms up, I tend to cover up in more clothes.

While the internet is amazing due to the access to people who want to over share (aka me + the 10,000+ bloggers out there) and musical talent aka YouTube and all those mix tape sharing sites, sometimes it is the worst thing ever invented by man. 
This was the inspiration for my title which I 'borrowed' from my favorite Tumblr.
When it comes to my own personal experience giving and getting the virtual cold shoulder all I can say is that it is challenging and painful.
If we lived in the era of snail mail and you say, forgot to send a letter in reply you would have a multitude of excuses!
Ex) The letter was delivered to the wrong address several times before it made it to yours etc etc...
Or perhaps didn't feel like calling?
Ex) Oh I'm so so sorry, but all the operators were busy. You know how hard it is to get a call through with the advent of a telephone in every mans house....
But in the present where you know if someone has read a message instantly, a lagging reply is often a giant question mark as to whether your topic of conversation is uninteresting.
Even when you cannot tell if the person has read your message instantly there are a myriad of ways through which you will accidentally (well maybe not always) find out that you are being disregarded.
Yes, it is sickening. Too many ways to tell if people have gotten the message.
Oh wells, with each new technological alternative we are provided with, the more psycho stalker tendencies we develop.
Seriously, I have had my quietest, most virtuous pals tell me that they had become stalkers on the web.
Okay, I am finished because I realized that the real issue here is how to successfully avoid people on the internet.
With that thought I am off to compile a list of things I haven't done during my week off.
It will be a long one, but at least I am well rested and repeatedly singing Work by Iggy Azalea.
No Kisses today,

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