Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tell Me Secrets Only Trouble Knows

As a disclaimer I'd like to say that this post is fueled by only one meal, sleep deprivation, Micky Ekko (without RiRi) and an odd sense of happiness!
Maybe it's the fact that I've come to the realization that I am not doing any homework tonight, or the fact that I just had a hilarious time with my friendlies in a chem lab (true story, and not what you think at all)!

This is my take on semi-grunge. I call it semi because I do not have the angsty looks, or cooltitude to fill up the other half of my newly established grunge-o-meter. I know, what is my existence?

This skirt was the only thing I wanted when I woke up an hour later than I usually do. I feel that making precious things unprecious is something everyone should try. This skirt when paired with its blouse is something formal, however broken down with a t-shirt (paint splattered), a thick fleece hoodie and a leather jacket it becomes what I'm going to call daywearish.
One word people.

T-shirt - Old, Paint Splatered by some kind friends
Skirt - Tailor made
Hoodie - Walmart (I know right?? A little side story BUT this hoodie gets more compliments than my other hoodies branded and unbranded. Maybe Walmart has special powers...)
Leather Jacket - Arsalan's (I borrowed it at the very last minute! Thank you)
Boots - Kodiak; these boots are my babies, they're soft like suede but waterproof and protect my tootsies in -20 weather. This my lovelies is true love, true foot love!

Climbing up this ledge was preetty tricky (I almost fell off the first time and have some awkward pictures to prove it!) 
And yes, my eye balls are closed in this. Just squint and BAM! suddenly my eye balls are normal.

Nothing completes grungy angst like a ledge staring picture.
Leather Jacket - CHECK
Skirt with inappropriate slit? - CHECK
Scowl - Still working on that....

And now that I'm going, I want to leave you all with a question.
Do you think souls have gender?
I had a riveting conversation with a friend about this the other day, and I'm so curious about what other people think.
Not to worry invisible internet peeps (I know you're there) I will rant about this in a bit. For right now I am going to consider the deeper meaning in Carol Ann Duffy poetry whilst listening to super angsty/depressing/deep music [Listen to  Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire AMAZEBALLS, Covering Your Tracks - Amy Stroup, Mikky Ekko - Pull me Down and Soley - Pretty Face]


Photos kindly taken by: Kaelyn 

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