Sunday, 24 March 2013

Babe! I've got the runs.

To answer your question. No, I do not have diarrhea.
But my tights had got the runs, and I felt like running away from them
It may just be me and my special form of challengedness, but I find that buying tights without thinking of the brand is a pure waste of money.
I know that probably sounds terrible, but once you consider the fact that this pair was having its first day out and was already gone, it seem justifiable. 

This is my big fat hello to spring. But done in a style that pays proper homage to the lovely, and never ending snow fall.
I find that knits, in styles that don't seem like classic knit styles are a must have.
Sure that sweater is nice, but when you live in weather that is as uncertain as menopause, caution must always be exhibited. 

Enter a maxi, one that is made in the style of a racer back.
You can't see this now, but if I take it for a spin dans l'ete, I will have to remember to show you.

Seeing as these were taken at 10 pm, coming off work I have not idea why my eyeballs are so open.
I am also realizing that this dress is translucent when photographed. This really takes my by surprise, especially since I was hoping that the royal purple would hide my slight slouch.
I would like to finish this post with recognition of the fact that I utilized three different types of poses.
Maybe there is hope for me as a fashion blogger after all.
Tyra, call me.

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