Friday, 29 March 2013

Whomever Started the Whole Seeing When People Have Read Your Messages Thing Deserves A Lifetime Jail Sentence for Destroying the Self-Esteem of Millions of People

This is a throwback post! Everytime I take pictures my attitude towards posting is either 
1) I AM SOO EXCITED!! Let's do this....
2) Well I took them right? Kudos to me! Don't want to strain myself too much. How about some studying? (aka denial) 

This is my favorite image, the intangible parts of the image are so relaxing after being subjected to pictures that are sharpened to within an inch of their lives everyday. 

Notice the paleness of my feet. Even though these images were taken in summer they still hold their winter shade. Honestly feel that when the weather warms up, I tend to cover up in more clothes.

While the internet is amazing due to the access to people who want to over share (aka me + the 10,000+ bloggers out there) and musical talent aka YouTube and all those mix tape sharing sites, sometimes it is the worst thing ever invented by man. 
This was the inspiration for my title which I 'borrowed' from my favorite Tumblr.
When it comes to my own personal experience giving and getting the virtual cold shoulder all I can say is that it is challenging and painful.
If we lived in the era of snail mail and you say, forgot to send a letter in reply you would have a multitude of excuses!
Ex) The letter was delivered to the wrong address several times before it made it to yours etc etc...
Or perhaps didn't feel like calling?
Ex) Oh I'm so so sorry, but all the operators were busy. You know how hard it is to get a call through with the advent of a telephone in every mans house....
But in the present where you know if someone has read a message instantly, a lagging reply is often a giant question mark as to whether your topic of conversation is uninteresting.
Even when you cannot tell if the person has read your message instantly there are a myriad of ways through which you will accidentally (well maybe not always) find out that you are being disregarded.
Yes, it is sickening. Too many ways to tell if people have gotten the message.
Oh wells, with each new technological alternative we are provided with, the more psycho stalker tendencies we develop.
Seriously, I have had my quietest, most virtuous pals tell me that they had become stalkers on the web.
Okay, I am finished because I realized that the real issue here is how to successfully avoid people on the internet.
With that thought I am off to compile a list of things I haven't done during my week off.
It will be a long one, but at least I am well rested and repeatedly singing Work by Iggy Azalea.
No Kisses today,

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Babe! I've got the runs.

To answer your question. No, I do not have diarrhea.
But my tights had got the runs, and I felt like running away from them
It may just be me and my special form of challengedness, but I find that buying tights without thinking of the brand is a pure waste of money.
I know that probably sounds terrible, but once you consider the fact that this pair was having its first day out and was already gone, it seem justifiable. 

This is my big fat hello to spring. But done in a style that pays proper homage to the lovely, and never ending snow fall.
I find that knits, in styles that don't seem like classic knit styles are a must have.
Sure that sweater is nice, but when you live in weather that is as uncertain as menopause, caution must always be exhibited. 

Enter a maxi, one that is made in the style of a racer back.
You can't see this now, but if I take it for a spin dans l'ete, I will have to remember to show you.

Seeing as these were taken at 10 pm, coming off work I have not idea why my eyeballs are so open.
I am also realizing that this dress is translucent when photographed. This really takes my by surprise, especially since I was hoping that the royal purple would hide my slight slouch.
I would like to finish this post with recognition of the fact that I utilized three different types of poses.
Maybe there is hope for me as a fashion blogger after all.
Tyra, call me.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

If clothes look beautiful on the hangers they won’t necessarily look beautiful on the body. 

And that which may not look good on the hanger, may look good on the body.

 Mr. Geoffrey Beene once told me that fashion is not what’s on the back or the front of a coat but what’s in between.

~ Alber Elbez [ Head Designer @ Lanvin ] 

Friday, 15 March 2013

A Lire

1. Under the Hawthorn Tree - Ai Mi
2. For Coloured Girls who have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf - Ntozange Shange 
3. No Longer at Ease - Chinua Achebe 
4. The Garden of Evening Mists - Tan Twan Eng

On this amazingly sunny Friday I thought that I would share a few of my future reads. Meaning I've put them on my to do list and may not get to them.
I find that when the weather warms up I am more susceptible to curl up in a warm corner and read my heart out.
There is nothing greater than being moved to see in a different manner, especially at a time of the year when everything feels lazy and slow. I am also getting into reading books that are not as eurocentric/americentric (is that even a word??).
Perspective is EVERYTHING, and I cannot wait for summer to come so that mine can experience a change.
Oh summer.......

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Charlotte Olympia

On this lovely and amazingly sunny Monday [ It is clearly not Monday, but let us just pretend that it is sunny] I just thought that I would share a few of my favorite Charlotte Olympia shoes. 
I discovered this brand quite accidentally, and I must say that I was very pleased.

The Eve - Truly the birth of something amazing.

The Belinda 

The Lucinda

I know that there are many who swear by Louboutin's and Jimmy Choo's , however I would like to concur those previous thoughts and offer you something else.
These shoes are lady-like, charming and a little bit sexy (See the Lucinda). I feel that they do the right amount of talking.
Sometimes people get soo carried away with wearing outrageous shoes to make a point. While I respect other people's personal style I always have to ask myself.
Is there anything wrong with being subtle?
Shoe designers take note; Charlotte Olympia's are mastering 'The Art of Being Subtle' 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tell Me Secrets Only Trouble Knows

As a disclaimer I'd like to say that this post is fueled by only one meal, sleep deprivation, Micky Ekko (without RiRi) and an odd sense of happiness!
Maybe it's the fact that I've come to the realization that I am not doing any homework tonight, or the fact that I just had a hilarious time with my friendlies in a chem lab (true story, and not what you think at all)!

This is my take on semi-grunge. I call it semi because I do not have the angsty looks, or cooltitude to fill up the other half of my newly established grunge-o-meter. I know, what is my existence?

This skirt was the only thing I wanted when I woke up an hour later than I usually do. I feel that making precious things unprecious is something everyone should try. This skirt when paired with its blouse is something formal, however broken down with a t-shirt (paint splattered), a thick fleece hoodie and a leather jacket it becomes what I'm going to call daywearish.
One word people.

T-shirt - Old, Paint Splatered by some kind friends
Skirt - Tailor made
Hoodie - Walmart (I know right?? A little side story BUT this hoodie gets more compliments than my other hoodies branded and unbranded. Maybe Walmart has special powers...)
Leather Jacket - Arsalan's (I borrowed it at the very last minute! Thank you)
Boots - Kodiak; these boots are my babies, they're soft like suede but waterproof and protect my tootsies in -20 weather. This my lovelies is true love, true foot love!

Climbing up this ledge was preetty tricky (I almost fell off the first time and have some awkward pictures to prove it!) 
And yes, my eye balls are closed in this. Just squint and BAM! suddenly my eye balls are normal.

Nothing completes grungy angst like a ledge staring picture.
Leather Jacket - CHECK
Skirt with inappropriate slit? - CHECK
Scowl - Still working on that....

And now that I'm going, I want to leave you all with a question.
Do you think souls have gender?
I had a riveting conversation with a friend about this the other day, and I'm so curious about what other people think.
Not to worry invisible internet peeps (I know you're there) I will rant about this in a bit. For right now I am going to consider the deeper meaning in Carol Ann Duffy poetry whilst listening to super angsty/depressing/deep music [Listen to  Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire AMAZEBALLS, Covering Your Tracks - Amy Stroup, Mikky Ekko - Pull me Down and Soley - Pretty Face]


Photos kindly taken by: Kaelyn 

Monday, 4 March 2013

I Am Held Back By Due Dates and Commitments That Will Never Come to Pass

This is the reason why I read fashion magazines.
For the longest time I considered myself a Vogue girl, however what Vogue does not provide is a level of thought that dives into the deep end. I personally find that their articles are a foray into the deep end via the shallow end. 
I recently branched out into W magazine, I enjoy their profiles more. They offer both the positive and negative stories about people. This is refreshing. We are all human, flawed and imperfect.
Having a bigger bank account does not [or should not] make you appear more saintly.
Any way, here are a few of my favorite Spring 2013 Advertisement Campaigns. 

- Dear Chanel, 
I will totally be your clothes horse any time. Seriously, if you were a person I would gratefully take all of your preloved hand-me-downs.

Dear Rihanna x River Island,
RiRi you are such a babe! The only person who could out babe you is A$AP Rocky, and that is only because of his hair situation.
Anyways this grunge vibe feels right, for the first time dans ma vie!
I also love how you see models of different looks and ethnicities here.
Seriously, World of casting agents take note; it is possible to actually represent peoples of the world in a sort of but not really almost accurate manner.
While we can only all hope to look like total babes is such little clothing I have to ask, Was it that hard to put more than two ethnicities together - AT THE SAME DAMN TIME (Rick Ross moment)??  

Dolce AND Gabbana,
I need to state this bluntly.
 I have the urge to move to Italy, find a gorg Italian man and proceed to become a part of and have a sizable family.
 If it could be done in your lovely Sicilian lace creations, I may think of doing it! 
Domestication looks good (and expensive...) 

Until next time darlings,