Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Art of Peer Pressure

This was all started in the pursuit of fun!
Well no, not really.
We just really needed to get rid of these balloons + I felt super winter awesome!
Okay silly use of adjectives (are they adjectives?) aside; this is the first time I wore this sweater.
It had lived in my closet for a week, and before that the glorious boxing day sale rack at H&M.
The best part about this sweater is that it's almost like a faded jean. Try and see if you can spot what I'm talking about in the following pics.

I just couldn't keep my happiness to myself.
So much so that I urged Na Eun to try for a jumping pic!!

Sweater - H&M (mens)
Jeans - H&m (from a LONG LONG time ago)
Boots - Barefoot Tess 

So after I popped ALL 'dem balloons (I'll show you pics on that too), we got down to business. 

I will be the first person to admit that my posing is slapstick, I'm lucky that with the right timing + super wonderful Na Eun we get these shots!

That sorta deep stare!
[Brought to you by the sun and 'Oh no, I don't want to go blind from staring at it thoughts']

Plus did I tell you how obsessed I am with my new hair???????????
If that overuse of question marks right there didn't, well I don't know what else will internet chum.
But give it two - three more weeks and I'll be so over it.

I was actually coming off exhaustion when these were taken; can you tell?
Thank goodness tomorrow is almost Friday!
Three cheers.

And now, my haute mustache for you all. 
I swear I've done this twice in class, unwittingly of course.
The first time everyone was super tired, and acting tres tres crazy.
So I looked across the room and said mustachio to a pal who was also mimicking a mustache; we all laughed.
The second time was this year, I was supremely bored in English. I thought I was being discreet, until I saw the girl across from me give me a total WTF stare.....
Maybe I'll pose next time?

Happy almost Friday everyone!!!!
I'm off to stare at some research for essays, all the while fighting the urge to buy these shoes I've been eyeing since Monday. That kind of wait will cause intense loss of focus, or maybe it's just me!!

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