Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Positive Attitude May Not Solve All Your Problems but It Will Annoy Enough People To Make It Worth the Effort ~ Taken From the lovely Jhene Aiko's Tumblr

1. My lovely lavender nail polish, the super versatile bracelet from Korea and my "security blanket sweater" from the men's section. I honestly wish I'd bought five sets because I want to wear it everyday!!!
2. A close up of my Kitenge type dress. I am avidly googling its proper name for the sake of propriety and all that!! I'm not sure if any words I've just used make sense......
3. My beautiful bag all the way from the motherland. I think I've stuffed so many different things in this from so many different occasion. And it's still not broken! Woohoo for great craftsmanship. 

In other news it just snowed!! HAHAHAHAHA Mother Natures revenge! Part II...
(I'm just imagining the film credits and such...... First a blazing hot summer THEN even more warmth and just when you thought you'd escaped it BAM! COLD WEATHER ya'll.
Thus the title.
All those anti-snow peeps just needa smile!

Pictures taken by : Dad
Photos kindly edited by : Na Eun 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I Do Not Feel the Fear of Falling

This is what I wore to the second day of fashion week!!
Well it was technically the fourth day.
Second for me though!

After playing it safe for the first day to kind of gauge my environment I was in a "to heck with it mood"
This is fashion after all, where else will I get to realize my inner fashionistas potential?

This whole outfit was again an almost-sorta-kinda last minute effort.
I'd been thinking of wearing it to the shows but I didn't know what to pair it with.
I was going to do a navy blazer that happens to be a favorite of mine but then I said if I'm going to take a risk I might as well go big.
It was almost like a cheesy romance moment, only with my clothes.
"My eyes glanced across the room, and gazed upon this majestic teal beauty.
I knew I had to have it"
Don't worry I'm not going to start spewing cheesy romance!
Back to le clothes!

My next problem was haiiiirrrr.
To be quite honest if you area girl with curly hair you know how it feels to suffer.
My hair has been quite kind to me these last few years.
Tame I might even say, however sometimes it gets all crazy and wild deciding that no it will not be smoothed over.
And yes I will walk about normal people looking half mad.
How to solve this problem???
I simply combed it out and made a semi-kinda mohawk thing.
I think that it is le perfect solution for my crazy hair!! 

Overall I have to say that this is the most fun that I've had dressing up in a LONG, LONG time.
I feel like there should be a national holiday of sorts so that people like me can just play.

I'm sure you know that I am a person of the four eyed variety and so halfway through the shows I decided to put my glasses on.
Coolness be gone!
(Even though I have to say that these glasses are pretty coolio)

Animal Print Wedges - XOXO


The fashion week banners. This is how you really know that you are at fashion week!

Dress - H&M
Teal Sweater -  Vicki Lynn Bardon (Suttles and Seawinds Collection) 

Dans ma bathroom. Hahahahaha I felt like Grace Jones in this pic.

Teddy Bear Accessory - From Hong Kong
Multi-colored bead bracelet - From Kenya
Rings - From Korea 

This cute little teddy bear.
I'm usually not a sucker for cuteness but one of my friends went to Hong Kong in the summer and brought it back. I actually couldn't resist and I will admit that I, an almost full grown person spent like 2 days cooing at it like it was a baby.
Well not all the time but you know......
We are all very weird on the inside.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Get Free

When I first got this dress I was like "WOOHOO!!"
Then I was like "Wait however will I stop myself from looking like a table cloth?'
The quick solution was to break the dress up into two pieces, by using a blouse to create the illusion of a skirt.
Not only does this break it up but it stops you from looking like a little girl!!

Not to worry though. Little Akoyi always shows up.
Being serious is like a disease!!
I'm still trying to improve my posing and I feel that whenever I move there is more dimension in the photos.
I guess I'm just not one of those let's stand still and pose types.

I've made this picture much much smaller than the rest because this kind of running is only attractive in small sizes.
You don't need to see the details in my happiness.

Dress - H&M (Woman Collection) Vintage
Top - Old (I really can't remember where exactly I get it from.
Shoes - Expressions @ The Bay
White Slip -  From a place that I've also forgotten

When I wore this I was in for a very long day!
I woke up at 6 am and ended up sleeping at 12 am, or zero hours for all of you military time buffs.
[ I remember the first time I had to learn military time, I had to resort to counting on my fingers.....]
Another great thing that I discovered about my very much used an abused ankle boots is that, yes they are still bearable after 14hrs of use.
And when I say use I don't mean let's walk from the car, indoors and proceed to stay seated for hours. 
I mean walking, light jogging to keep myself from being late and going up and down stairs!!!
A good pair of shoes really is like being kissed for the first time by the love of your life, no?
Even though I can't attest to the love of your life part I can for sure say that I get a blissed out feeling when I don't feel like my toes are being juiced.
Mucho Love (and all that)

PS: By the way my title was inspired by this video. Major Lazer really is EVERYTHING!!!
{Well not really, but still. You get the nub and the gist of this all right?}

I have a feeling that I will be singing this ALL WEEK LONG.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

I'm Just An Earth Girl

Hey guys!
I know that I've taken such a long while to update, which is mad crazy bad.
I've been trying to tell myself that I will balance everything!!
That works sooo well until I get home and I'm totally wiped out from my day.
Anyway this is what I wore to Western Canada Fashion Week. It was Day 1 for me but technically Day 3 for everyone else.

Pullover - Lee
Batik Skirt - From Kenya 
Ankle Boots - Expression @ The Bay

To be quite honest I didn't really know much about Edmonton's fashion scene so I decided to play it safe.
I was just starting to get sick of all the short hemlines so I put on a skirt that I'd had made for me a while ago. I always feel that there is nothing worse that wearing something that is a little short and having it let you down.
You know? It looks AMAZEBALLS when you are standing but soon turns into a case of indecent exposure when you sit down.
No more eyeing the nearest exit in case I need to make my escape!!!
The slit makes this demure piece a little bit more of a stand out in a SUBLIME manner. It's not look at me now! I like to think it's 'I walk by and you go oh......'
I added some pink to make it softer and balance out my dark lipstick, the somewhat edgy look of my trusty boots and gold studded cross body bag.
I know playing it safe is something I really shouldn't do. There is really no creativity in conformity BUT better safe than sorry.

Rings - From Korea
Bracelet -  From Korea
Cross Body Bag - H&M (old)

It felt so unexpected when I got the okay from Sandra Sing Fernandes and Danielle Fuechtmann. 
Not only that but checking in was hassle free and all of the staff on hand were friendly.
The fact that they mistook me for one of the models when I walked in might have also brightened my night. Nothing like being mistaken for a gorgeous beast, especially after I couldn't decide what to wear. 
Flattery will get you everywhere kids!

Monday, 1 October 2012

You Make Me Feel Alive

Hahahaha no guys. I'm not that amazing (yet!!) 
{We must always hope to be much better versions of ourselves in the future!!}

Jewelry - From Korea 
Close up of jewelry!!
--> This is totally random but you will learn that I am totally random.
All this jewelry is to my knowledge from Korea, lent to me by Na Eun.
I'll get the locations of purchase with proper spelling and such for you later!!

Okay onto the outfit!
Most people thought that this was a dress when I wore it.
'I'm sorry to disappoint you but it's another Akoyi mash-up!'
I layered a dress (that you can see here) with this animal print skirt.
I've seen all of my blogger idols layering dresses with skirts and I always went you are cray cray.
That is until I was getting ready.
I'd originally planned to wear the skirt alone but it was waay too short {YAAYY growing taller}
So I put on the dress but felt waay too dowdy with the grey cardigan!!

Skirt : Alfred Sung @ Zellers (Old)
Cardigan : The Limited (From US)

So what's a girl to do but layer???
This took some careful pulling of the dress because it's really long!!
HAHAHA I had them all fooled.
{Did I fool you too?}
The fact that the hues of my dress and skirt are close worked in my benefit. 
Matching is not always key but appealing contrast ALWAYS IS.

Tie and Dye Dress: From Kenya 

Here I am getting all giggly!
I am always smiling. It's just a habit.
Gosh I am starting to sound cheesy.
As you all know Na Eun edits all the pictures (reality isn't this vivid) [don't worry she doesn't make it unreal! Just a lighting change here and another one there] anywhoo I decided to add an effect to make this post more interesting. 
This effect is super cool BUT made me a tad bit nauseous whilst editing.
I hope that it doesn't have the same effect on you!!

This my favorite shot!
I chose to focus on the shoes since they were being totally blurred out of all the other shots.
My brother was kind enough to lend these to me.
Thank you on the interweb!!
Anyway I put this up on this cold and dreary day to cheer you up!!
Inject some color into your wardrobe tomorrow.

Photos taken by: Gelline N
Photos edited by: Na Eun