Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lookie Here: Warning Rant Ahead

 In trying to decide what type of blog I want this to be I am going to try out new things.
The first of which is a little rant.

So you'll have to forgive me in advance, humor me as you read or scroll away if you don't want to read.

Attitudes Are More Important Than Facts

It's always hard to balance the transformation of an outfit when you have to be in many different places at once. On this day I needed to wear something that yelled PUT TOGETHER.
For my day I wore these flats. I value being comfortable and WILL NEVER be one of those fashion people who says sometimes you have to suffer to look good.
I mean what's the value in suffering??
I am not a doll who has to only look good superficially.

Later on I switched into these high heels.

To be quite frank I've never worn these trousers out in public.
I've never really come up with something that I felt safe in and so they lived in my closet.
But on this morning I was getting ready (meaning I'd put on the top half of the outfit but was lounging in these) and I realized hey this ain't half bad.

Let us all clap for this blogs photographer Na Eun.
Seriously clothes are one half of a story, posing another type of fraction but Na Eun completes the whole effort with her stunning photography!!

Taking these on the side of the road elicited some weird glances and this one car even slowed down as the driver peered out!

This was a totally random pose but it turned out well!
One of my friends came to watch me that day and I was feeling a little nervous.
HAHAHA what a joke when she's seen me make a proper fool of myself!!

This is the POWER POSE!!
As you can probably tell I am still learning soo many things about blogging when it comes to personal style!!
Honestly sometimes I forget bits of my body. Like my face will look totally odd while everything else looks amazing. 
I guess this means more ANTM for me!!

This bracelet is totally beautiful. I am soo in love with it and you will see my love for it in later posts!!
Photos taken and edited by: Na Eun

Thursday, 27 September 2012

This is All a Dream

I was just thinking today that this last year or two has been really really hard for me.
I suppose I hit what they call the plateau of my learning curve in all areas of my life.
Looking back I always felt overwhelmed that I'd gotten past those challenges and my past self.

But today I was thinking.
Isn't life beautiful.
After experiencing loss and realizing that at any moment you could die I'm starting (slowly) to think positive thoughts again and just BE in the moment.

I also braided my hair.
Which is my fail safe whenever I a) just can't be bothered or b) my hair goes on strike along with the rest of the world and just won't co-operate

On another note I want to talk about my shoes!!
Aren't they lovely??
Just close one eye and overlook that smudge of blue paint.....acrylic really doesn't ever come off.
They're from a brand in Kenya called Bata. Anyone who has heard of Bata knows that they are synonymous with quality and they have THE BEST SAFARI BOOTS EVER!!
If you ever get to go to Kenya leave enough room in your suitcase for their shoes.

Shoes - Bata
Trousers - Joe Fresh
Necklace -  From Kenya
Blue Knit Pullover -  H&M
Tan Cardigan -  Avelini

Photos taken and edited by : Na Eun

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Do you ever get nervous (insert question mark here)

Dress - From Kenya

This is my only proper stripped dress. 
I should fix that soon but I don't know what's going to one up the two directional stripes, pleats and weather versatility.
For those of you who don't know Edmonton's weather is like PMS in live actions.
Some days it starts out warm then becomes so cold that you wonder whether you'd hallucinated all of the warmth.
On other days like today the air was crisp. (Whenever I read this word I think of fresh lettuce, that's ice cold when you first take a bit)

I am a total proffesional at horrible facial expressions.
Everytime I take a picture with my friends they're all perfectly acceptable and then there's me. But that's  totaytay (totally) okay with me, I mean it takes years to perfect the skill of 'interesting' facial expressions.....!

Shoes - Kodiak 
I am 5'something over 5'9" (my little bro says I may be six feet)
and unlike all those other tall girlies I was gifted with big feet!
Think Ronald McDonald but maybe not so comically comical.
(thank you baby Jesus \[--]/ )
I won't tell you my shoe size but let's just say I've gained an appreciation for men's shoes.
(Italian to be specific, G-Start to be precise)
[Although in the beginning I did cry over shoes I couldn't have because apparently my shoe size didn't exist to all of my fave shoe makers]

The biggest thing I'm learning about blogging as I start to take my blog seriously is that YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE ON DRUGS OR IN NEED OF SOME MENTAL HELP whilst posing. 
Honestly I swung on this bit of stair railing for ages.
Thank goodness it was a cold day and none of my classmates were outside.

Le Booty Tooch!
I am still having mental issues with titles.
But I think we should blame my English IB and World Lit classes for that.
I`ve never TPCASTT so many poems in two weeks.
You know what they say......
IB in school today, IB coming home and procrastinating ma english for an hour now!
I`m going to be a model student or `borrow` Kanye`s new album from my brother!!!!!

Pictures taken and edited by: Na Eun

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Letting go of it all

This is the first dress that my mother every gave me from her closet. 
I remember not just the joy of getting it BUT how comfortable I felt in it once I put it on.
I'm not too sure when she bought it but the silhouette is not from this decade.
I'm going to come out and say I am not a typical personal style blogger!
I am not supremely slender.
I've got curves, that is all.
That's why I named this look "Letting Go of It All"
Your body is your body.
You have to accept it, treat it well and put it in the best light AT ALL TIMES!!

And this dress didn't make me feel self-conscious in any way. 
Plus it's one of the few orange infused things in my closet!!

The shoulder pads make my narrow shoulders look like they're actually commanding (?)
IDK - you know how sometimes you can look droopy shoulder wise?
All that is avoided!
So I guess I should thank the 70's and 80's

I've been working on my posing.
I suppose watching ANTM has paid off.
You have to try to feel the pose!
But Na Eun has been soo patient with me!!
This is another on le ground picture.
The wind was wild on that day and poufed me up!
I felt like a souffle.

DRESS -Vintage [ From Mom ] 
ANKLE BOOTS - Expressions @ The Bay

It looks like I'm on a tilted earth.
That would change everything physics wise (yes I still have physics homework)

On a final note doesn't the sky have such a beautiful gradient of blues?

Photographed by Na Eun

 PS - (There is a 2 - 3 day delay on these outfit pics! I think that I wore this on Monday. You know the drill, school first everything else second!) 

Monday, 10 September 2012

You had me at Hello

Source: LusttForLife BY Olivia Lopez

These dresses are from Stolen Girlfriends Club.
1. Their name is cheeky and I love it!
2. They need to find their way into my closet.
3. They sexy without showing a ludacris amount of skin
4. I LOVE THEM!!!!
5. Those zippers look soo multifunctional

Source: LusttForLife BY Olivia Lopez

Now that I'm looking to renovate my closet and upgrade my style in the next few years to include subtly sexy I need to start my "blogger research" early!
Don't shake your head.
I am a typical overachiever

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd mix soo many things together!
But hey!