Monday, 31 December 2012

We Are Infinite

I was thinking and I realized that you've never seen a pic of Na Eun!!
Well here you go.
This was taken last year at a Christmas dance. It was supposed to be a masquerade but masks are overrated anyways..... 
We didn't go this year because we both had work/homework; plus you know that feeling when you do something too much?
The first time you do something its totally overwhelming in that wonderful way.
The second time you feel like a total pro and do it all up
the third time would have been one time too many......

This probably one of the few close ups of the two of us! Thanks to whomever was holding the camera that night.

This was supposed to by posted a while before Christmas but I got so busy living life and all lazy that here it is! Almost a week late.....
I hope that you all had a SUPER wonderful Christmas though!! I totally overate and stayed up too late feeling like a little kid again when my clock read 2:00 am.
Only a few more hours till this year is over! 
I hope I will stay up this year. Last year I went straight to bed....
#overworkednerdproblems #sleepyhead
Now to finish chucking stuff that I don't need anymore form my room and I WILL BE NEW YEARS READY!!

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