Monday, 24 December 2012

All I Want for Christmas IS.....

I realize that I've been gone a while! 
Unfortunately for you I have twenty posts lined up....
In the meantime I leave you with my Christmas wishlist; seeing as Santa has already journeyed to half the world NO HARM NO FOUL.

Natalia Grzybowski dress - It is ethereal and I need a frolicking item, seriously. My wardrobe is in serious need of a dress that looks like a fairytale from the back. 

Yigal Azrouel Resort Dress - And a dress that looks like a dream!

Senso Boots = because even thought the new Patone color for 2013 is Emerald Green I feel that blue should be a theme in my closet!

Tarte Lipstick - I want to get to some semi notso bad for you make up! Plus this shade can be naughty (3 layers) or nice (1 layer)!

Maybe I will finally get organized!!! I am currently trying to put together a new shoe rack and fold all my clothes so that when we party tomorrow I will come back to a tidy place.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS (if you want to be "politically correct")
*BY THE WAY - Get off the internet and spend time avec votre family! :D

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