Sunday, 4 November 2012

There Is A Reason Why Self Pity RHYMES With Stupidity

You know that moment when you find something that you've been looking for?
And you proceed to break in a dance a la Rihanna (maybe not as good or co-ordinated); sing-screaming "Where Have You Been All Maaahhh Li-i-i-i-ife!!!"
That's how I felt when I discovered Barefoot Tess.
After mini ranting to my chums and you guys sur l'internet. I decided why not use Google?
Lo and behold that place is not just good at eating up my time and leading me to useless pursuits.

I decided to take the risk and get two pairs of shoes!!!
Hahaha being someone who had never ordered something off the internet before this was crazy!!

The week when these finally arrived I was tired from too much studying and too little sleep. I was getting ready to go in to work for the first time that weekend and had decided to try and do ALL my homework before hand.
I was really exhausted (one hour of actually working out) + a customs fee = a very grumpy Akoyi
Once the box was open though my pissy self left and I smiled.
Not just because of the sweet pastel colors but because here was the possibility of me never having to feel that anxiety of shoe shopping again.

Here is a quick sneak peek of what I got!
I've got the posts featuring the shoes complete with looks in line for editing.
Someday I will be on top of this whole blogging thing.........
(New Years Resolution anyone??)

Its so sad how the poor little pink box got dented during shipping.
For some reason it reminded me of a cute little piggy.
(Or maybe that is just a sleep deprived delusion. I've also taken to hallucinating numbers in mathematics and physics! I do my work at night and when I check it the next day I end up laughing because I don't just write one off number but a string of digits to the nearest millionth [sub for 5 numbers to the right of the decimal place])

This chocolatey goodness will be featured first!
I'm off.
Got my physics and some Dvorak Symphony to tide me till tomorrow......
(Or at least fifteen minutes from now)
How was your weekend??

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