Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

We have officially had our first proper snow here!!
Even though most people are getting sad I've always felt that snow make me happy.

There pictures are from last years winter (or spring to most people living in places with normal weather). When I first started to consider maybe blogging about myself and my own looks.
I'm blogging at this unusually early hour because I am sick!!!
I'm going to have to be positive and think of my cold as a sort of examination/assessment for my immune system!
* By the way let us all pray/donate/try to help New Yorkers. Snow after Sandy is really a tad bit cruel, so keep them in your hearts and donate what you can to The Red Cross. Let's help out fellow humans survive this! 
[I know it sounds cheesy but when you put your self in their shoes it becomes serious. Some of these people just saw everything they've worked for get washed away and just when they thought they could begin to pick themselves up have received quite a bit of snow.

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