Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Just A Thought: Treats Magazine

After being fashion obsessed for 5 years I've learned that in the world of fashion magazines the less main stream the magazine the better the images. 
I've read the Vogue (US and UK), Elle (US & Canada), The W Mag, The V mag; in short I've done my time.
Don't get me wrong. These magazines are quite alright. But they rarely produce images that make me go I want to look like that.
Vogue always makes me wish Karlie Kloss would take a vacation! (Sorry Karlie, I LOVE YOU!! but her domination of practically every editorial BORED ME TO DEATH!! I get it. She's a star* but what about other girls? You don't have to be a star to be a good model!) 
The other mags each have their own issues, however this is not that kind of post so onto my original topic!

Treats Magazine

Treats is a  fine art quarterly magazine that specializes in pictures of the art, pop culture, fashion and photography that is sometimes centered on the female form [read this as nudes]
However they are always tastefully done!
I can honestly say that as a female I don't think they're doing anything trashy or derogatory.
The models always look like they're in control of what they are doing and totally conscious of their posing.

I love this editorial.
It has that high fashion appeal but it also seems whimsical and plain old fun!
Like it was a totally natural process which yielded a totally stunning result.
Something I think a lot of things are missing in this age of highly calculated appearances etc...

This just makes me smile!!
Plus the lack of over photo-shopping is a bonus! 
Seeing the models pores and even the hint of lines on her forehead is so relieving!
It gives me hope that people in fashion will stop over editing. We aren't made out of plastic and the representations of beauty (in a limited form) should never look like they just hopped off an industrial lines conveyor belt.
Bravo Treats Magazine!

Plus the she is super diverse as demonstrated by these two pictures!
(Is it just me or does she look like a supah gorg alien in the pic to the right?)

~ All pictures sourced from ~

* When I say star I mean commercially successful.

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