Monday, 5 November 2012

Just A Thought: Oh Lara

Anyone who knows me knows that when I was a wee little one I wanted to be a model.
Oh yes, I was gaga about wearing clothes and there could be no greater joy than the thought of doing such a thing and being paid. (insert imaginary stroking of imaginary movember mustache here)
Eventually I grew older, got stuck at 5'8'' and moved from wanting to be a model to obsessing over them. This continued even as I grew form 5'8'' to 5'more than nine inches (maybe I'm six feet now but sshhhhh no one needs to hear that least of all me.)

Insert mah mega favorite model Lara Stone!!!

I don't just have a mucho mega crush on her cuz she looks perfect. (Her gap reminds me of my gap!!! Mine was killed by the magical wonders of modern orthodontistry while hers lives on gloriously!) BUT she has personality and is real.
She totally owned up to binge drinking and being a total b**** whilst intoxicated at shoots.
Anyone who can own up to their own bad behaviour is great to me! 

Plus she checked herself into rehab. Unlike all the peeps who do these days she did it silently, got treatment and went on to become super healthy. 
Her health has managed to withstand any temptation she might have felt BUT it has helped her get through the modeling industry.

She has embraced her curves (I thought this pic was perfecto for this statement!)
Plus she makes clothes look so heavenly.
I always think Damn she's a good model and then I look at the garments and go hmmmmmm I think I could pull this off.
Her modeling inspires levels of reflection.

Like how cool is the stitching on that Alexander Wang top?????
Either that or I am just a wierd pickle who has been watching too much of the Lizzy Bennet Diaries!
Time for supper and then bed.

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  1. great post! :)