Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Just A Thought: Treats Magazine

After being fashion obsessed for 5 years I've learned that in the world of fashion magazines the less main stream the magazine the better the images. 
I've read the Vogue (US and UK), Elle (US & Canada), The W Mag, The V mag; in short I've done my time.
Don't get me wrong. These magazines are quite alright. But they rarely produce images that make me go I want to look like that.
Vogue always makes me wish Karlie Kloss would take a vacation! (Sorry Karlie, I LOVE YOU!! but her domination of practically every editorial BORED ME TO DEATH!! I get it. She's a star* but what about other girls? You don't have to be a star to be a good model!) 
The other mags each have their own issues, however this is not that kind of post so onto my original topic!

Treats Magazine

Treats is a  fine art quarterly magazine that specializes in pictures of the art, pop culture, fashion and photography that is sometimes centered on the female form [read this as nudes]
However they are always tastefully done!
I can honestly say that as a female I don't think they're doing anything trashy or derogatory.
The models always look like they're in control of what they are doing and totally conscious of their posing.

I love this editorial.
It has that high fashion appeal but it also seems whimsical and plain old fun!
Like it was a totally natural process which yielded a totally stunning result.
Something I think a lot of things are missing in this age of highly calculated appearances etc...

This just makes me smile!!
Plus the lack of over photo-shopping is a bonus! 
Seeing the models pores and even the hint of lines on her forehead is so relieving!
It gives me hope that people in fashion will stop over editing. We aren't made out of plastic and the representations of beauty (in a limited form) should never look like they just hopped off an industrial lines conveyor belt.
Bravo Treats Magazine!

Plus the she is super diverse as demonstrated by these two pictures!
(Is it just me or does she look like a supah gorg alien in the pic to the right?)

~ All pictures sourced from ~

* When I say star I mean commercially successful.

Friday, 9 November 2012

It's A Winter Wonderland

Two amazing things have happened lately
The best time of the year!
 Getting my shoes from Barefoot Tess!!
Honestly after suffering for so many years, constantly feeling like there was something defective about my feet and their larger than average size [US 12] 
 I can now feel comfort in the knowledge that I have a place to go for shoes, the wonderful Barefoot Tess!!
I will never ever have to wonder if the shoe that says it's twelve really fits like an eleven 
or if the eleven isn't that painful!

I don't know if there is any greater reason to jump for joy!
Because I really wanted to highlight my boots in this outfit I decided to wear things that scream fall (even though it's winter; let's pretend!)

I built the look of my boots and decided to go with a green sweater dress. Green and brown seem earthy, natural and cosy. Going for colors that are in harmony with the colors of nature is a total shift from today's screaming neons.
Sweater Dress - Calvin Klein
Black Thermal Tights (worn underneath) - Walmart
Silver Tights - Simons 
Black and White Knit Sweater - BCBG Max Azria
Brown Suede Knee High Boots - BFT by Barefoot Tess

Scarf - From Nyanya in Kenya

My ultimate goal for this look was to shoot outside, while it was snowing.

Mission achieved!
(Insert check mark here)
Yes Yes don't hold back any applause for photographer extraordinaire and photo editor Na Eun!
Not to worry I've already gone first!

Na Eun this is me telling the internet that Na Eun 당신은 최고입니다!!
Google translate probably let me down there.....
Someday I will conjugate Korean properly.
Just not today!

Na Eun is so multi-talented!!! Normal shots, jumpy shots AND the holy grail (for me at least) a close up beauty-ish shot!!!
I added lipstick to this look not only because it goes with my glasses and masks my tiredness BUT the wine color goes again with my earthy colors.
It's such much darker in real life, but it still looks lovely here.

A parting shot!
You can see the shimmer of my tights and the contrast between my scarf and boots.
Once again thank you the people behind Barefoot Tess for thinking about girls like me with feet that are above average!!


Photographs taken by: Na Eun
Photographs edited by: Na Eun 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

We have officially had our first proper snow here!!
Even though most people are getting sad I've always felt that snow make me happy.

There pictures are from last years winter (or spring to most people living in places with normal weather). When I first started to consider maybe blogging about myself and my own looks.
I'm blogging at this unusually early hour because I am sick!!!
I'm going to have to be positive and think of my cold as a sort of examination/assessment for my immune system!
* By the way let us all pray/donate/try to help New Yorkers. Snow after Sandy is really a tad bit cruel, so keep them in your hearts and donate what you can to The Red Cross. Let's help out fellow humans survive this! 
[I know it sounds cheesy but when you put your self in their shoes it becomes serious. Some of these people just saw everything they've worked for get washed away and just when they thought they could begin to pick themselves up have received quite a bit of snow.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Just A Thought: Oh Lara

Anyone who knows me knows that when I was a wee little one I wanted to be a model.
Oh yes, I was gaga about wearing clothes and there could be no greater joy than the thought of doing such a thing and being paid. (insert imaginary stroking of imaginary movember mustache here)
Eventually I grew older, got stuck at 5'8'' and moved from wanting to be a model to obsessing over them. This continued even as I grew form 5'8'' to 5'more than nine inches (maybe I'm six feet now but sshhhhh no one needs to hear that least of all me.)

Insert mah mega favorite model Lara Stone!!!

I don't just have a mucho mega crush on her cuz she looks perfect. (Her gap reminds me of my gap!!! Mine was killed by the magical wonders of modern orthodontistry while hers lives on gloriously!) BUT she has personality and is real.
She totally owned up to binge drinking and being a total b**** whilst intoxicated at shoots.
Anyone who can own up to their own bad behaviour is great to me! 

Plus she checked herself into rehab. Unlike all the peeps who do these days she did it silently, got treatment and went on to become super healthy. 
Her health has managed to withstand any temptation she might have felt BUT it has helped her get through the modeling industry.

She has embraced her curves (I thought this pic was perfecto for this statement!)
Plus she makes clothes look so heavenly.
I always think Damn she's a good model and then I look at the garments and go hmmmmmm I think I could pull this off.
Her modeling inspires levels of reflection.

Like how cool is the stitching on that Alexander Wang top?????
Either that or I am just a wierd pickle who has been watching too much of the Lizzy Bennet Diaries!
Time for supper and then bed.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

There Is A Reason Why Self Pity RHYMES With Stupidity

You know that moment when you find something that you've been looking for?
And you proceed to break in a dance a la Rihanna (maybe not as good or co-ordinated); sing-screaming "Where Have You Been All Maaahhh Li-i-i-i-ife!!!"
That's how I felt when I discovered Barefoot Tess.
After mini ranting to my chums and you guys sur l'internet. I decided why not use Google?
Lo and behold that place is not just good at eating up my time and leading me to useless pursuits.

I decided to take the risk and get two pairs of shoes!!!
Hahaha being someone who had never ordered something off the internet before this was crazy!!

The week when these finally arrived I was tired from too much studying and too little sleep. I was getting ready to go in to work for the first time that weekend and had decided to try and do ALL my homework before hand.
I was really exhausted (one hour of actually working out) + a customs fee = a very grumpy Akoyi
Once the box was open though my pissy self left and I smiled.
Not just because of the sweet pastel colors but because here was the possibility of me never having to feel that anxiety of shoe shopping again.

Here is a quick sneak peek of what I got!
I've got the posts featuring the shoes complete with looks in line for editing.
Someday I will be on top of this whole blogging thing.........
(New Years Resolution anyone??)

Its so sad how the poor little pink box got dented during shipping.
For some reason it reminded me of a cute little piggy.
(Or maybe that is just a sleep deprived delusion. I've also taken to hallucinating numbers in mathematics and physics! I do my work at night and when I check it the next day I end up laughing because I don't just write one off number but a string of digits to the nearest millionth [sub for 5 numbers to the right of the decimal place])

This chocolatey goodness will be featured first!
I'm off.
Got my physics and some Dvorak Symphony to tide me till tomorrow......
(Or at least fifteen minutes from now)
How was your weekend??