Monday, 1 October 2012

You Make Me Feel Alive

Hahahaha no guys. I'm not that amazing (yet!!) 
{We must always hope to be much better versions of ourselves in the future!!}

Jewelry - From Korea 
Close up of jewelry!!
--> This is totally random but you will learn that I am totally random.
All this jewelry is to my knowledge from Korea, lent to me by Na Eun.
I'll get the locations of purchase with proper spelling and such for you later!!

Okay onto the outfit!
Most people thought that this was a dress when I wore it.
'I'm sorry to disappoint you but it's another Akoyi mash-up!'
I layered a dress (that you can see here) with this animal print skirt.
I've seen all of my blogger idols layering dresses with skirts and I always went you are cray cray.
That is until I was getting ready.
I'd originally planned to wear the skirt alone but it was waay too short {YAAYY growing taller}
So I put on the dress but felt waay too dowdy with the grey cardigan!!

Skirt : Alfred Sung @ Zellers (Old)
Cardigan : The Limited (From US)

So what's a girl to do but layer???
This took some careful pulling of the dress because it's really long!!
HAHAHA I had them all fooled.
{Did I fool you too?}
The fact that the hues of my dress and skirt are close worked in my benefit. 
Matching is not always key but appealing contrast ALWAYS IS.

Tie and Dye Dress: From Kenya 

Here I am getting all giggly!
I am always smiling. It's just a habit.
Gosh I am starting to sound cheesy.
As you all know Na Eun edits all the pictures (reality isn't this vivid) [don't worry she doesn't make it unreal! Just a lighting change here and another one there] anywhoo I decided to add an effect to make this post more interesting. 
This effect is super cool BUT made me a tad bit nauseous whilst editing.
I hope that it doesn't have the same effect on you!!

This my favorite shot!
I chose to focus on the shoes since they were being totally blurred out of all the other shots.
My brother was kind enough to lend these to me.
Thank you on the interweb!!
Anyway I put this up on this cold and dreary day to cheer you up!!
Inject some color into your wardrobe tomorrow.

Photos taken by: Gelline N
Photos edited by: Na Eun

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