Thursday, 18 October 2012

I'm Just An Earth Girl

Hey guys!
I know that I've taken such a long while to update, which is mad crazy bad.
I've been trying to tell myself that I will balance everything!!
That works sooo well until I get home and I'm totally wiped out from my day.
Anyway this is what I wore to Western Canada Fashion Week. It was Day 1 for me but technically Day 3 for everyone else.

Pullover - Lee
Batik Skirt - From Kenya 
Ankle Boots - Expression @ The Bay

To be quite honest I didn't really know much about Edmonton's fashion scene so I decided to play it safe.
I was just starting to get sick of all the short hemlines so I put on a skirt that I'd had made for me a while ago. I always feel that there is nothing worse that wearing something that is a little short and having it let you down.
You know? It looks AMAZEBALLS when you are standing but soon turns into a case of indecent exposure when you sit down.
No more eyeing the nearest exit in case I need to make my escape!!!
The slit makes this demure piece a little bit more of a stand out in a SUBLIME manner. It's not look at me now! I like to think it's 'I walk by and you go oh......'
I added some pink to make it softer and balance out my dark lipstick, the somewhat edgy look of my trusty boots and gold studded cross body bag.
I know playing it safe is something I really shouldn't do. There is really no creativity in conformity BUT better safe than sorry.

Rings - From Korea
Bracelet -  From Korea
Cross Body Bag - H&M (old)

It felt so unexpected when I got the okay from Sandra Sing Fernandes and Danielle Fuechtmann. 
Not only that but checking in was hassle free and all of the staff on hand were friendly.
The fact that they mistook me for one of the models when I walked in might have also brightened my night. Nothing like being mistaken for a gorgeous beast, especially after I couldn't decide what to wear. 
Flattery will get you everywhere kids!

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