Sunday, 21 October 2012

Get Free

When I first got this dress I was like "WOOHOO!!"
Then I was like "Wait however will I stop myself from looking like a table cloth?'
The quick solution was to break the dress up into two pieces, by using a blouse to create the illusion of a skirt.
Not only does this break it up but it stops you from looking like a little girl!!

Not to worry though. Little Akoyi always shows up.
Being serious is like a disease!!
I'm still trying to improve my posing and I feel that whenever I move there is more dimension in the photos.
I guess I'm just not one of those let's stand still and pose types.

I've made this picture much much smaller than the rest because this kind of running is only attractive in small sizes.
You don't need to see the details in my happiness.

Dress - H&M (Woman Collection) Vintage
Top - Old (I really can't remember where exactly I get it from.
Shoes - Expressions @ The Bay
White Slip -  From a place that I've also forgotten

When I wore this I was in for a very long day!
I woke up at 6 am and ended up sleeping at 12 am, or zero hours for all of you military time buffs.
[ I remember the first time I had to learn military time, I had to resort to counting on my fingers.....]
Another great thing that I discovered about my very much used an abused ankle boots is that, yes they are still bearable after 14hrs of use.
And when I say use I don't mean let's walk from the car, indoors and proceed to stay seated for hours. 
I mean walking, light jogging to keep myself from being late and going up and down stairs!!!
A good pair of shoes really is like being kissed for the first time by the love of your life, no?
Even though I can't attest to the love of your life part I can for sure say that I get a blissed out feeling when I don't feel like my toes are being juiced.
Mucho Love (and all that)

PS: By the way my title was inspired by this video. Major Lazer really is EVERYTHING!!!
{Well not really, but still. You get the nub and the gist of this all right?}

I have a feeling that I will be singing this ALL WEEK LONG.

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