Thursday, 27 September 2012

This is All a Dream

I was just thinking today that this last year or two has been really really hard for me.
I suppose I hit what they call the plateau of my learning curve in all areas of my life.
Looking back I always felt overwhelmed that I'd gotten past those challenges and my past self.

But today I was thinking.
Isn't life beautiful.
After experiencing loss and realizing that at any moment you could die I'm starting (slowly) to think positive thoughts again and just BE in the moment.

I also braided my hair.
Which is my fail safe whenever I a) just can't be bothered or b) my hair goes on strike along with the rest of the world and just won't co-operate

On another note I want to talk about my shoes!!
Aren't they lovely??
Just close one eye and overlook that smudge of blue paint.....acrylic really doesn't ever come off.
They're from a brand in Kenya called Bata. Anyone who has heard of Bata knows that they are synonymous with quality and they have THE BEST SAFARI BOOTS EVER!!
If you ever get to go to Kenya leave enough room in your suitcase for their shoes.

Shoes - Bata
Trousers - Joe Fresh
Necklace -  From Kenya
Blue Knit Pullover -  H&M
Tan Cardigan -  Avelini

Photos taken and edited by : Na Eun

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