Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lookie Here: Warning Rant Ahead

 In trying to decide what type of blog I want this to be I am going to try out new things.
The first of which is a little rant.

So you'll have to forgive me in advance, humor me as you read or scroll away if you don't want to read.
I am not going to give you tons of details (I mean you are all creepy reading a  blog about a random person from a random place) ;{D but I've now found myself at a point in life where I have to DRESS IT UP.
I'm not talking your "business casual" or anything almost formal casual look but a properly formal look.
I've spent hours daydreaming of where to find the perfect accessories, how to make the perfect velvet dress etc.....
BUT when it comes to the point of shoes suddenly my mind is blank and shuts down.
I will admit it I am perhaps the female equivalent of big foot. 
Not being one of those tall women who has dainty feet was something that never really bothered me. (I am not a size 10 I am a size larger than that)
I mean men's sneakers with the right detail were suddenly a total girls look.
BUT now I NEED heels, not in that usual "I need them because I have nothing better to do" But I NEED them because they are an integral part of looking good in the circumstances that I am now in.
Which brings me to my rant.
Dear shoe designers,
I don't understand how hard it is to just you know make bigger sizes!!!
I mean I don't know much about shoe designing but I know about this thing called diversity or how people come in all shapes and sizes!
It doesn't stop in clothes [I mean I applaud your efforts to extend clothing sizes] BUT WHAT ABOUT ME?
When I say me I mean girls with big feet, wide feet, unusually small feet.....
Please extend your shoe sizes so that I can wear fab shoes like these

L.A.M.B By Gwen Stefani Women's Nathan Ankle Boot

Jeffery  Campbell Skate

Instead of shoes like this, one can only wear "quirky footwear" for so long.
I mean I don't know what gave you the idea that once a person's shoe size is past a certain domain they don't want to have shoes that are trendy and chic [without having to wait 2 years to get them].
If you fix this I will be REALLY GRATEFUL!
I just had to get that out.
It's really really been bothering me!!

{All Images sources from Google Images}

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