Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lookie Here : Blast From the Past

Ahh this picture is from 3 YEARS AGO!!!
I'm aging guys.....

(Soon I'll need to invest in anti aging! All this pollution and lack of sleep will get to me)
Anyway I took think back in grade 9.
I'd been vegetarian for over 4 months, had started to take my style seriously and with encouragement from my then bestie dreamt about being a model!
I thought I'd start doing these random blasts so that when I take FOREVER to post pics you would all have something to look at.
This picture is a perfect demo of my disproportionality!!!
Do you see my freakishly long legs??
My shorter than expected torso?
This is the reason why I NEVER wear just jeans........
Escpecially when I'm up in the clouds floating on my heels.
I mean nothing gets you looking like a leaping gazelle faster.
Unless of course I want to look like a leaping gazelle!

Source: Google Images
{Aren't they cute?? I can't promise you that I look adorable or anything when I'm running about. Oh wellies}

I know how ticked off I become when my gaggle of bloggers don't update regularly.
Terrible but look here, inspiration NEEDS TO BE SERVED DAILY.
I eat 5 small meals a day + 1 serving of occasional inspiration.

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