Sunday, 30 September 2012

Attitudes Are More Important Than Facts

It's always hard to balance the transformation of an outfit when you have to be in many different places at once. On this day I needed to wear something that yelled PUT TOGETHER.
For my day I wore these flats. I value being comfortable and WILL NEVER be one of those fashion people who says sometimes you have to suffer to look good.
I mean what's the value in suffering??
I am not a doll who has to only look good superficially.

Later on I switched into these high heels.

To be quite frank I've never worn these trousers out in public.
I've never really come up with something that I felt safe in and so they lived in my closet.
But on this morning I was getting ready (meaning I'd put on the top half of the outfit but was lounging in these) and I realized hey this ain't half bad.

Let us all clap for this blogs photographer Na Eun.
Seriously clothes are one half of a story, posing another type of fraction but Na Eun completes the whole effort with her stunning photography!!

Taking these on the side of the road elicited some weird glances and this one car even slowed down as the driver peered out!

This was a totally random pose but it turned out well!
One of my friends came to watch me that day and I was feeling a little nervous.
HAHAHA what a joke when she's seen me make a proper fool of myself!!

This is the POWER POSE!!
As you can probably tell I am still learning soo many things about blogging when it comes to personal style!!
Honestly sometimes I forget bits of my body. Like my face will look totally odd while everything else looks amazing. 
I guess this means more ANTM for me!!

This bracelet is totally beautiful. I am soo in love with it and you will see my love for it in later posts!!
Photos taken and edited by: Na Eun

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