Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd mix soo many things together!
But hey!

You live and learn right?

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a wedding during this long weekend.
I woke up 4 hours later than I'd wanted!!
(When will I learn is what I always ask myself. I think I overestimate my skills)
Anyway my mom (who was kind enough to once again take my pictures) told me we were leaving just as I'd finished staring at my hair and deciding on what to do with it!
Of course I'd had some ideas on what to wear but the original color scheme was pink and blue.
But I found that this jewel toned green not only brightened my up but made the look seem like it belonged together.

After dressing I decided to accecorize quickly!

Silver on my buttons?
So silver clutch it was!
Black hair?
Comfy black heels!

Blouse - From mom (vintage)
Dress - Mariposa
Clutch - From Kenya
Booties - MRKT X The Bay

The little man made lake next to the venue was the perfect place to take these pictures!!!!!! (<-- You see my joy/enthusiasm?)
That lake was like a reflector, so I didn't even need to edit these pictures!

I think these pictures were taken one after the other!
Look a little hair fluff, to get me through the reception!

All Photos taken by my mom!
She's so good........

Later on I braided the back and secured it at the back.
The wind was getting crazy and I just wasn't having it!
If you want better pictures of my hair pulled back find/follow me on Instagram @akoyi 

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