Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Do you ever get nervous (insert question mark here)

Dress - From Kenya

This is my only proper stripped dress. 
I should fix that soon but I don't know what's going to one up the two directional stripes, pleats and weather versatility.
For those of you who don't know Edmonton's weather is like PMS in live actions.
Some days it starts out warm then becomes so cold that you wonder whether you'd hallucinated all of the warmth.
On other days like today the air was crisp. (Whenever I read this word I think of fresh lettuce, that's ice cold when you first take a bit)

I am a total proffesional at horrible facial expressions.
Everytime I take a picture with my friends they're all perfectly acceptable and then there's me. But that's  totaytay (totally) okay with me, I mean it takes years to perfect the skill of 'interesting' facial expressions.....!

Shoes - Kodiak 
I am 5'something over 5'9" (my little bro says I may be six feet)
and unlike all those other tall girlies I was gifted with big feet!
Think Ronald McDonald but maybe not so comically comical.
(thank you baby Jesus \[--]/ )
I won't tell you my shoe size but let's just say I've gained an appreciation for men's shoes.
(Italian to be specific, G-Start to be precise)
[Although in the beginning I did cry over shoes I couldn't have because apparently my shoe size didn't exist to all of my fave shoe makers]

The biggest thing I'm learning about blogging as I start to take my blog seriously is that YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE ON DRUGS OR IN NEED OF SOME MENTAL HELP whilst posing. 
Honestly I swung on this bit of stair railing for ages.
Thank goodness it was a cold day and none of my classmates were outside.

Le Booty Tooch!
I am still having mental issues with titles.
But I think we should blame my English IB and World Lit classes for that.
I`ve never TPCASTT so many poems in two weeks.
You know what they say......
IB in school today, IB coming home and procrastinating ma english for an hour now!
I`m going to be a model student or `borrow` Kanye`s new album from my brother!!!!!

Pictures taken and edited by: Na Eun

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