Saturday, 11 August 2012

Green's and Brights

This is a look from last weekend.
I've noticed that summer knits have been a key player in most peoples wardrobes for the longest time.

With that in mind I used my green henley knit as the base of my look and added colorful pieces that I felt would keep the knit from looking too slumpy and chill.

Shirt - Calvin Klien
Skirt - Alfred Sung @ Zellers

Bag - From Kenya
Bracelet - From Kenya

In the past I used to moonlight with big, huge bags!
I'm one of those people who feels that I NEED to be prepared for everything,  ecspecially with our weather which is ever changing in unexpected ways.
However after seeing this bag, which my mom kindly brought back for me from Kenya I decided to try downsizing.
Even though only my phone, and keys fit there was something wonderful about not having to check and see if I'd forgotten something or left a pocket open.
And in a punchy color like this how could I say no?

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